Chrome Extension: Unable to update passwords for existing logins, only save as new

Google Chrome 27.0.1453.94 using 1password When I change a password on a site that already has a login in 1password the 1password dialog to save shows up but there is no option to update the existing login with the new password. If I hit save it creates a new login, which I don't want. What is the correct way to update logins like this (without using the password generator)?


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    Without using the password generator? Just edit the Login and change the password. If you do end up using the password generator as we would strongly recommend, the steps are in the User Guide as well:

    Changing a Login’s Password

  • I am unable to use the password generator because I use systems where I do not have access to 1password, so I have to have memorable (but still secure) passwords. So what you are saying is you purposefully removed the ability to automatically update passwords for those of us who do not use the password generator? It used to work just fine before the latest UI change. I'd ask you to please reconsider.

  • I went so far as to install Firefox and the latest 1password extension for it. The feature in Firefox works exactly how I remember and wish it to but with a new consistent UI with a little gear to click to change it from saving a new entry to replacing the existing entry. Is this coming to the Chrome extension anytime soon?

  • I agree. I just got this management system and enjoy its organizational functionality, but the Chrome extension needs a bit of updating. Like the mention here, I'd like it to recognize a password to be updated, and prompt me to UPDATE the saved password rather than asking to save a NEW credential. Chrome's password management did this just fine, so it's annoying to have to manually copy and paste the new password to the credential myself.

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    We don't suggest using the "replace" option here when updating a password.

    If you use replace it will literally replace everything in the login item with the data in the new form. So if you had Notes or Tags associated with that item before, and then used the replace option, those will be gone in the replaced item.

    We're looking at adding an "update" feature that doesn't do this but we do not have a time frame for when we may see it. For now, you should use Khad's suggested link for updating a login with a new password.

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