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I own a copy of 1Password on my personal Mac (which I use together with the Chrome browser extension), but I do not own a copy of 1Password for Windows. However, I use a Windows computer for work, and every time I log on to Chrome on my work computer I need to disable the 1Password Chrome extension. Then when I get home, I have to enable the browser extension once again. Is there any simpler solution to my problem which does not require me to disable and enable the browser extension on a daily basis? Thanks very much in advance for your help!


  • It sounds like you have google sync turned on. As far as I know there isn't a way to disable sync on just one extension but you can turn it off for all extensions. In the google chrome settings there is an "Advanced Sync Settings" button. In there there is a button to choose how to sync. You can change it from "sync everything" to "choose what to sync" and then uncheck extensions. That should allow you to remove the 1password extension at work and still have it at home. The only downside is if you add new extensions in one place or the other it won't sync across.

  • Thank you so much; I had no idea that I could choose what to sync. While this solution isn't perfect, it's certainly far better than what I was doing before!

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    I'm glad @Rayven01 was able to help get things resolved, @parekh! Let us know if you have any other questions. :)

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