Improvements in Password Change Workflow

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I find the password generator function is very unstable and unreliable to use. I have just tried to use it to change the password, after receiving (by post from a financial institution) a new password that needed to be changed.

I entered in the temporary password, then went to the next screen where I had to re-enter the temporary password, and added the generated password (twice, automatically). 1password prompted to save the page, but only saved the first page (where the temporary password was entered) and not the subsequent page, where the randomly generated password was stored.

So now I have changed the password and have no idea what it is. I did try to copy it from the generator screen, because this isn't the first time I've had this problem, but Windows didn't copy the password properly.

I need to have a new password issued by post, which is extremely inconvenient. It would be nice if 1password would retain the generated password so I can refer back to it if I need to, rather than always generating a new random string whenever I look at the generator, whether I request to have one generated or not.


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    Are you using IE or another web browser?

    In our IE extension, there is button labelled "Fill Last Generated Password". In all other web browsers, our extension includes a button in the Strong Password Generator labelled "View Password History" (note: the latter is domain-dependant, so please make sure you're at the same website before clicking it).

    Alternatively, you can bring up our main app and then select View > Generated Passwords from the menu. A new category named "Generated Passwords" will appear, listing all the passwords that were generated.

  • I ran into the exact same problem the first time I tried using 1Password last night. I ended up getting through it with the tutorial, but the process is complex. I was planning to recommend the product to my family, but I can't imagine talking them through that process. What's especially frustrating is that most of the process is navigating multiple dialogs so that you can copy data from one part of 1Password into another part. It's madness.

    If the password generator just had a button to update the password for the current site when you fill it in, the process could be relatively simple.
    1) Go to site's password change form
    2) Open 1Password plugin.
    3) Go to Password Generate
    4) Generate password.
    5) Click the "Fill Password and Save" button (this is the new button I'm suggesting). Password is filled into page, 1Password updates its database, and that's it.

    This seems a lot more straightforward.

  • I find the same problem changing passwords in Safari. This is especially annoying when first using 1Password when you might want to change a lot of web site passwords.
    It's actually easier to switch to the desktop app after saving the changed password. There you can just put a check next to the new password.
    It would be very nice to make this process simpler and all within the browser plugin.

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    We are all in agreement. The password change process needs to be improved. This is absolutely on our radar, but I can't provide a time frame for when the changes will be rolled out.

  • I am soooo glad Apple is adding their own built-in password handling! The UI will be right!

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    I don't think Apple announced anything for Windows.

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