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I'm a very happy user from 1Password. It's helping me to have very long, secure passwords on every site without having to remember every single one. I just know the master password and a few which I'm using often, like for facebook or google.

In the iOS App I like the feature to click on the password and either copy it or show it. It's often very useful to display a password for example if I'm logging in to an other computer and getting the password from the App on my mobile.

I'd like to request the same feature on the Desktop-App for 1Password. Sometimes on websites is a restriction that you cannot copy and paste a password into the password filed instead you have to type it manually in. Then I need to display the password in 1Password so I can type it manually in.

Hopefully you find this feature as useful as I and implement it in the next version of 1Password.
Many greetings!


  • Holding the option key does this.

  • Thanks tatchley for this hint!! I hadn't know about this hint till now. Very cool that it is already implemented although it's not very obvious and you have to know about it.
    If I hover my mouse over the field there is the copy option. I looked everytime there and wondered why there is no "show password" option.
    Thanks for indicating me!

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    I'm glad @tatchley was able to assist you! Thanks for letting us know everything is working well. :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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