Changing the location of the data file in Dropbox

Hey folks,
I just installed 1Password on my Mac, sync with Dropbox. My 1P file was installed on \Dropbox\1Password. So far everything's ok.
But my company policies encrypt all my Dropbox content except one folder \noencryption. So I'd like to change the path from \Dropbox\1Password to \Dropbox\noencryption\1Password.

Thanks for your help ;-)


  • Ok I closed every open stuff related with 1Password.
    Then I moved the directory in \Dropbox\noencryption\1Password and when I reopen 1Password it works perfectly !
    Awesome ;-)

    But how to create a new master file ? I'll create a tutorial video and I'd like to work on a demo. How can I do this ?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I'm glad everything is working well. Thanks for letting us know! I'm not sure I understand the follow up question, though, @JVOMeriel. You can start a new data file by setting aside your current data file. 1Password will prompt you to create a new one. Is that what you mean?

    Please let me know. I'd love to help further if necessary. :)

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