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My 1PW db is synced on Dropbox. I opened Dropbox, found the file 1Password.agilekeychain, showed package contents to reveal file 1Password.html. Opened this file with Safari and got the expected 1PW screen requesting master password. After entering my pw the display refreshed and then immediately opened error dialog boxes stating problems with Flash player settings. When I click on Settings button it opens a page on adobe.com which then FREEZES Safari. Cannot proceed with Force Quitting Safari. Reinstalled latest 10.1 version of Flash player but problem persists.


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    I saw quite a few reports related to the Flash code lately, I will talk to Dave about removing it completely. It is currently used to implement "Copy to Clipboard" in 1PasswordAnywhere.

    Please try to delete 1Password.agilekychain/style/images/ZeroClipboard.swf file and see if that helps.
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    Thanks. That fixed it.
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    Here is a screenshot of the dialog, it is preventing the 1Password.html file from reading the swf file on your local system.


    Here is a more complicated solution, but this will make it so that the swf file will work.

    If you open http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.html page, you can add rule saying that a page can use this ZeroClipboard.swf file, you just need to add the location of the ZeroClipboard.swf file, which will be something like:


    Once you have added this, the link above should look something like:


    Then it will all work without crashing Safari.

    A solution for 1Password could perhaps be to move the ZeroClipboard.swf to Agile Web Solution's website, then you can reference it there, the downside to this is that it would require a internet connection.
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    I cringe when I see flash controls for even the most basic file/upload capability on any site. Hopefully it gets removed if it's the source of a problem. I imagine whatever it was doing can be doing with HTML5 now.
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    Hmm, what is annoying is that I have ClickToFlash enabled, yet it is still possible for flash to crash Safari. I wonder if a remote site can reference a local flash file and crash Safari too.

    I don't think its possible to copy something into the users clipboard in html5. Flash seems to be the only option.
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