Where is the sync button? Does it even sync?


I'm using the iOS version of 1Password 4 since the early betas and was always using Dropbox due to the lack of iCloud Support in 1Password 3 (for Mac).
Today I got the invite and promptly installed the beta app and set up iCloud (instead of Dropbox, and yes, I selected release container). Then I set up my iOS devices to sync via iCloud too.

I have a few suggestions:

  • Make a "sync now" button (like on iOS). You never know if it's gonna sync or not.
  • Make it sync (for me, it doesn't). I set up new logins on the 1Password 4 for Mac or play around with favorites. But it doesn't sync in neither way.

For the record: I'm using 1Password 4 Beta on 10.9, 1Password 4 (stable, from the App Store) on iOS 7 on my iPhone (5) and on iOS 6 on my iPad (mini).


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    Hi @arneb3rt,

    There is no need for sync now button because it's automatically syncing in real time, any changes are instantly pushed to the sync folders. We're looking into adding a stat display to show when was the last change that was pushed to the sync folders.

    On iOS, we don't sync in real time because we're trying to reduce the amount of times it syncs to conserve your battery life.

    If it doesn't sync on your Mac, the button wouldn't help in any situations.

    In addition, we do not control the sync for iCloud, OS X and iOS does that for you in the background. 1Password simply read/write data to a local container on both OS X and iOS, of which they'll monitor/sync for us.

    We do control the sync for Dropbox on iOS but on Mac, that's all handled by the Dropbox app, we can't control the process there.

    Let's try something to figure out your sync issue: On the iPhone and iPad, please disable Dropbox sync for both. Once you do that, make a change on the iPhone, wait 5 minutes, and then tell me if it shows up on the iPad.

    Please let me know how it turns out.

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