Mini has a display bug

Seeing pluralTitle for menu items that have multiple entries.


  • I'm adding another display bug in here since it doesn't really warrant its own thread: Basically all the field labels for Mini's password generator are showing with a white box around them, which looks pretty bad. It's especially obvious when the generator is shown over a dark website:

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    Hi guys,

    @Mark_Cohen, I don't understand, can you explain more or provide a screenshot?

    @kristoffer, we'd rather that you do create separate threads, even for small issues, it makes us possible for us to give you better information without mixing it up with others. If we feel it can go into other threads, we'll merge you post in there.

    As for your issue, that's because of the transparency we set to the window itself. It looks like we forgot to set the same to the labels to match the window's transparency.

    If you do this on light backgrounds, it's not easy to see it but if you do this on the dark background like your screenshot, it's really bad. I've filed a bug report to get this fixed.


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