Backups do not show up in preferences panel

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I received a notification that 1password made a new backup file. I went to the backup pane in preferences, but the list of backups is empty. Has anyone else experienced this? The backups are in the appropriate folder in the Library.


  • They have suddenly started appearing.

  • I noticed the same, it didn't appear immediately when notification center said a backup was created.

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    Hi guys,

    That's weird. When you saw the notification, was the main 1Password app already running or did you open up the 1Password app to see it?

    I'm wondering if the app that was still running, simply didn't refresh the list, but it'd do that if you open the app.

    Please let me know.

  • It happened between app launches. I will say that I didn't have any items in 1Password at the time. After I added some items and did another backup it showed up in the list. I still find it odd that 1Password would even do a backup without any items, or that it wouldn't show it in the list.

  • Also, the backups with no entries never appeared in the list, even after the backups with items started appearing. I haven't checked to see if the backup files were actually created in the Library.

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    Could you let us know if it happens again?

  • So here's what happened:
    1. When I had an empty database, the backups were created and the files exist in the Library, but they do not show up in the Preference Pane. Here is a screenshot of the backup folder in Finder. backup folder.png

    1. Here is the preference pane: backup preference pane.png

    So apparently if a backup contains no items, it won't show in the backup preference pane.

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    Thanks, @hpwooten! Just filed a report in our tracker.

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