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    I think I screwed this all up. Syncing over wifi among 2 iPhones, and iPad and my mac has been problematic at best; aggravating at least. At first I had to sync manually with entering codes on each device. Now it seems to be supposed to sync over wifi but it often did not find my phone online when it was and sitting next to the machine. The sync now was greyed out. No options seemed present. Then in help I read that maybe syncing with Dropbox was the way to go so I changed and now I think I didn’t want that and cannot figure out how to undo it. (After changing to Dropbox I see something that says it syncs to iCloud or will sync to iCloud, I’m not sure which. I have no idea what the statement meant nor how to see that it does sync there. Ive gone through several harrowing password changes because the ones saved here often seem to be in error for some reason. After changing to syncing to Dropbox it said it synced but the sync now button on the Mac was still greyed. When I checked on my iPhone if a recent complicated password that took me an hour and a half to straighten out, was not on my phone yet. I thought syncing was supposed to update everything. I went back to wifi on my iPhone but now my Mac seems to be stuck in Dropbox. I don"t know how to fix it so now nothing syncs (actually it didn’t for 3 weeks til now). 1password used to be kinda straightforward and seemed to sync with my iPhone though I had to connect to do it. At least it was synced. Now it’s not synced when it says it is. As of now I have 1Password on my Mac where most passwords are saved. For now I have to sync by hand by entering any changes I need manually in my phone should I need them.

    1. Can I fix this?
    2. How?
    3. Did I really mess myself up here?
    4. If I go back to just wifi sync with my mac, what file and where do I use to replace the Dropbox keychain file to get there.

    Sorry for the ramble, a muddled mind with a muddled understanding of how this all works anymore.

    Thanks for any help if you got this far.

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    Hi @bleeber,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble. I split your post from the other thread since it was about the USB sync tool, but you never mentioned syncing via USB at all.

    Can you tell me what version of 1Password you have on your iOS device(s)? Which of the three icons here match what you see on your device(s)?

    Let's start there. :)

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