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I have had extensive discussions on the forums with Khad about workflow. I was really hoping to see an improvement in workflow but instead there seems to be a huge step backwards.

Here is what I did hundreds of times a day with 1Password 3:
I would use Option-cmd-\ to open the extension window. I would then type the search term of where I want to go: wiki for instance. If I had to, I would use the arrow keys to select the exact site I wanted to go to. Then I would hit "enter" and a new tab would get opened and I would get logged into the site.

Now with 1Password 4, this is all messed up. Here is what I appear to have to do now:
I use Option-cmd-\ to open the extension window - no obtrusively placed in the middle of the screen. (I don't know why but having it in the middle of the screen bugs me for some reason.)
I type wiki and I get the one or two entries. Now I have to use the arrow keys to cursor down to select one of them, even if the top one is the item I want to go to (this is an extra step because in 1Password 3 if the top one was the one I wanted, I just hit enter - now I have to arrow down to select the first one in the list). Then when I have it selected, pressing "enter" does nothing, I have to use the right arrow to open the item, then I have to cursor down to the URL and now I can hit "enter" to go to the site.

Why the change to such a cumbersome workflow from something that was so elegant? Sure I wanted more from 1Password than it was giving me, but this is such a monster step back that it is enough for me to stop using 1Password 4 and stick with 1Password 3.

Is it going to stay this way? Am I missing something obvious?



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    I think you will be happy to see the next beta build.

  • Great. looking forward to it.

  • Updated to b37, and I'm glad to see that Return takes me to a site and logs me in. However this happens in the current tab, it doesn't open a new tab. Using the arrow keys to access a logins details and choosing the URL stills opens a new tab and fills the login, as before. I would like an option to always open a login in a new tab, like in the 1P3 extensions.

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    Good point, Xe997! We'll get this fixed.

  • adamspicaradamspicar Junior Member

    Thank you! That was my issue I well. Glad to see it addressed. Thank you gveres for posting your workflow!!!

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    Hi guys,

    I don't know if you saw this but you can now adjust the Open in in the mini's preferences in the latest updates.

  • Yes I did notice this Mike. Thanks for pointing it out. As Roustem surmised, I was happy with the next beta. That beta fixed the workflow.

    I still would like better handling of subdomains, or a specific hotkey to say "I don't care that I am already on, when I say go to, go open that in a new tab".

    the way it stands now, the request to go to just gets ignored, even when I use the setting you are pointing me too that says open in a new tab.


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    Hypothetical question, @gveres. If you had a matching login selected and wanted to open it in a new tab, would Option-Return be a good solution? Again, this is hypothetical. I'm just passing on ideas, not making decisions.

  • sure, but I would prefer a specific hot key so that I don't have to remember option-return. But if that was the only way I was going to get the functionality, I could live with that.

    For me, the only reason I use option-cmd-\ is to do this action of opening the login in a new tab. I have never found a need to just open the extension using the hot key so for me I have found the current workflow to be just annoying rather than something it should ever do. I just can't figure out a use case for the existing behaviour. If I wanted to just fill in the credentials on the page I am on, then I would use cmd-\ to do that. Why would anybody want the existing behaviour of option-cmd-\, search for a login, hit enter then fills in the current page? What is the use case for this work flow?

    But I could live with option-return.

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    Great point, @gveres! So Option-Cmd-\ should always be open and fill. Sounds good to me, but I'll see what the others think.


  • Thanks Rob

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