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    Thank you for your feedback, @sleepydev! As also mentioned above:

    Indeed it is possible since Opera now uses Chrome's rendering engine, but it has not been fully tested. There are actually known problems. Use at your own risk. We cannot endorse this. Make sure you have lots of backups. :)

    We have contacted Opera about some issues.

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    Hi. In such a way expansion 1P starts working with Opera 15 for Windows
    It is time to make changes to expansion and to add its installation from a portal beta.
    iCloud Keychains on the way - you will lose the most part of the users if you don't react in time.

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    +1 Opera isn't browser for everyone like chrome, but it has it's charm

  • +1 for Opera

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    Thanks for the votes, folks! We really do appreciate the feedback. :D

    Just a quick reminder (from the note about Opera support linked at the top of this forum category):

    We don't normally discuss future plans, but the progress made in Opera Next is making it more feasible for us to support Opera where it wasn't possible in the past. There are still some changes that need to be made in Opera before we proceed, though. We've notified Opera of our concerns already. At the moment, we are working hard to get 1Password 4 for Mac out to you first.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the meantime, and keep the feedback coming!

  • +1 for Opera support.

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    Keep an eye out. ;)

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