Created a password with Chrome extension. Clicked to remember it. Didn't remember it, now locked out

So I decided to protect my PayPal account by using the password-generator function in the Chrome extension and change my password to that random string of letters. I entered it, and was then prompted by the extension to save the password, which I said yes to.

But now, 1Password seems to only remember my PREVIOUS PayPal password, not the new one, and I am locked out of my PayPal account. What's going on here? I assume I can use PayPal's password reset function to create a new one and get back in, but I am going to be verrrrry wary of using your software if I don't know if it will remember the correct password. Please advise!


  • By the way, I just noticed what the problem must have been: 1Password saved the password in the "New Password" and "Retype New Password" fields, NOT the standard "password" field. Seems like this could be a problem if you're using 1Password to generate/save when you're changing your password in a given site.

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    Hi @markds,

    I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    If you clicked the "Fill" button to fill the password then the password is saved in the password history for that site.

    Just be sure that you are viewing the site's login page as the password history is context aware and only shows the password history for the site you are currently viewing. To view a list of all generated passwords for all domains, open the main 1Password app. You may need to enable "Generated Passwords" in the sidebar: Preferences > General > Display in Sidebar > Generated Passwords.

    Your best bet is to always follow the instructions in the User Guide which include changing the password on the site, and then (via the password history) updating the Login item for that item in 1Password.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.


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