Safari extensions shows "Syncing" and counts up

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I was using Mac Safari, clicked in the 1Password icon, the login window opened, I write my password and then, instead of opening the plugin window, appeared a message saying: Syncing 1, Syncing 2, …
I don't wait and closed the login window.
What is that? I don't have nothing syncing with 1Password and have never seen this before.


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    The sandboxed browser extensions communicate with the main 1Password application via the Helper using WebSocket. The Helper syncs the sandboxed data store with the data file. That's the "syncing" you are seeing. It's all local on your own machine: one component of 1Password to another via a secure channel.

    If you're still seeing that, try restarting the Helper. Select Help > Troubleshooting > Restart Helper from the menu bar in 1Password.

    If that doesn't resolve it (and presuming all the data you have in the extension is in the main app), try removing and reinstalling the extension.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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