Same or different passwords?

Looking for a "best practice" suggestion: I use the Mac OS X and the iOS versions of 1Password. I sync the 1Password keychain between the two environments using USB Sync. I do not use DropBox or iCloud. Should I use the same master password to unlock 1Password on my Mac and on iOS, or should I use different master passwords on each platform? Does it matter whether the passwords are the same or different? Thx


  • Hi @pomme4moi :)

    We like to recommend that people use the same Master Password across platforms - that way you will only need to remember one secure password. 1Password will also attempted to update your Master Password within different places, so it can end up creating a lot of confusion.

    I also wanted to touch on the USB sync, which Khad has recently updated - You can read more here. In short, USB is no longer being developed. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this and could plan accordingly.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions :)

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