Fill login doesn't work with

When I browse to, and the login page is displayed, cmd-\ just pops up just the 1Password login search. This happens with both the Safari or Chrome extensions, using 1Password 4.

I have and configured as urls for the same login. All the login pages work fine, but 1password doesn't respond to

If I log in to icloud manually, 1Password doesn't detect the action and offer to save a login.

Any thoughts?


  • Hi @crisbennett,

    First of all, I'd like to explain why 1Password isn't asking you to save your iCloud login again. Since you already have a login saved for iCloud, 1Password is detecting that you are at the same website logging in with the same password, information that it already has stored. Previous versions of 1Password got a bit over-zealous when asking to save websites and some users ended up with duplicate entries as a result. This is our way of preventing that. :) You can still re-save the login manually by clicking on the gear icon on the top bar of 1Password Mini.

    Now, I've tried using auto-fill for my Apple and iCloud logins, and it seems that they have disabled automatic form filling on their end. In cases like this, unfortunately we have to revert to the copy-and-paste method of inputting your data. I'm sorry that I don't have a better answer for you here!

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    @megan: Many thanks for the reply. I understood that 1Password wouldn't offer to save a login that it already had, but I assumed that it was failing to match the icloud domain for some reason, so was puzzled. Your explanation makes more sense.

    I don't know if this is the best place for this, but I have a suggestion for cases like these where 1Password can't fill form fields.

    Currently (in 1Password 4), this is what I need to do in these cases:

    • hit cmd-opt-\
    • (enter master password if not already logged in)
    • hit the right arrow to expand the domain shown in 1Password mini
    • hit down arrow to reach the username
    • hit enter to copy to pasteboard
    • paste into the username field
    • (Then repeat the above process to copy and paste the password)

    This process is still a little cumbersome.

    How about having a couple more keyboard shortcuts available in 1Password mini -- ie. to copy the username and password associated with the current page's domain, without having to navigate the 1Password mini tree?

  • Hi @chrisbennett,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! We're always looking for ways to make 1Password more user-friendly, and you're right - the current workflow is a bit wonky when 1Password can't auto-fill. I've passed your suggestion along to our developers ... and added my vote as well :)

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