1Password not working with Firefox

1Password v3.8.21 and firefox extension 3.9.19 installed.
When I re-install the FF extension, I can log in to websites via 1Password but after a few additional logins, 1Password is TOTALLY confused and when I go to a login page, 1P does not know which password to use and highlights random passwords. I re-install the extension and the same sequence occurs again. Can anyone help or is this a bug?


  • ghettopeterghettopeter Junior Member

    Oh sorry this is on a mac desktop with OS X 10.8.5

  • SaraMinisterOfMagicSaraMinisterOfMagic

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    Hi @ghettopeter!

    We've been looking into this, but have not been able to find the cause. We started to see this issue within Firefox 23 and unfortunately Firefox 24 does not seem to have resolved it. It seems that the New Window is key. It doesn't happen every time, but if you open enough new windows, you will eventually get a JavaScript exception and the 1P popup will cease to update.

    We have four options that we have been able to find right now for people who are experiencing this issue:

    1. Join the 1P4 beta. This is the preferred option.
    2. Downgrade to Firefox 22 and disable automatic updates.
    3. Switch to another browser until FF resolves this issue.
    4. Never use more than one Firefox window. This is the worst option as it's very easy to accidentally open a new window.

    I am sorry I don't have a better answer for you right now, but we are hoping to get a better resolution moving forward! Please let us know how you make out with this :)

  • ghettopeterghettopeter Junior Member

    Hi SaraMinisterofMagic, Thanks for the quick response and glad that this was not a personal gremlin infecting my machine. Chrome works fine and for the time being I will not use FF until this is solved. I want ¥ou to know that 1P is the best and I am a LONG-TIME user.

  • Hi @ghettopeter,
    We are also glad that you don't have your own little personal gremlins making a mess of things in your machine :)
    It's good to know that Chrome is behaving nicely for you, thanks for being so understanding!

  • snagitsevensnagitseven Junior Member

    Any progress on this? 1P 3.x seems to be getting worse w/FF24. After several years of 1Password, this is disappointing and hope it can be resolved soon. (Can;t upgrade to 1P4 as I have OS 10.6.8 which is not compatible.

  • Hi @snagitseven,

    We have managed to fix several of the bugs in the extension with respect to Firefox. I just want to confirm that you are having the same issue posted above. Can you please describe for me how Firefox is misbehaving?

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