Compressed view is not in 1Password 4 [Might come back in a future update]

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I used to be able to see about 30 login items in the 1Password v3 main window. After upgrading to v4 the item text is huge, thus I can now see only 10 items. Where is the compressed option from v3? Very disappointed.


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    I'm in the same boat, but I miss the "Traditional" layout view. I shouldn't have upgraded to version 4... Version 3 was working just fine for me.

  • Same here. The lack of the highly concise "Traditional" view is one reason I moved back to 1Password v3 after 5 minutes of dealing with 1Password v4

  • drew212drew212 Junior Member

    I also can't stand the new view and would like a compressed view back. I have reported this since the beta program. The large view is part of a general excessive "iOS-ification" of the UI in 1Password 4 for Mac. It does not feel like a Mac app. It feels like a giant iPad app on the Mac. While the general design trend is clear and in line with Apple's direction, they have gone too far.

  • DavidBDavidB Senior Member

    Not only is the size of the view constrained by the large type, but there are new, space-hogging alphabetical divider bars. Is there really a need to let you know that you have now entered the "B" section, etc.?

  • poppiepoppie Junior Member

    I too feel that the alphabetical divider bars are unnecessary, and further restrict how many records can be seen at once.

    I'm OK with the current view, but I'm disappointed that we no longer have a choice to select a more compressed view.

  • First time chiming in on ANY forum. Version 3 has been a life saver, as I have over 500 logins that I use daily- I'm an IT admin. The new bloated UI is too much. I need to see many more items than what is now shown. I really need the new sharing capabilities, but will likely go back to v3 and not upgrade all my other users. Please bring back the viewing options!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi guys,

    We do plan to investigate for a new traditional widescreen layout (or as you call it, compressed view) in a future update, it is one of the top most requested features we're getting for 1Password 4 on Mac.

    Dave, one of the developers of 1Password 4, wants the same thing, so there's some good chance it might happen in the future.

  • I really hope this is not some "wait until we see how many people complain" approach to removing key features and abilities. During the beta you said that it was a lack of time in the development process to get the traditional view out the door, but the view WOULD reappear in a subsequent update. Now it's a hope and maybe thing. So... to say back to you my sentiments in a way that is as hollow as your response here, MikeT, with proper emphasis on what matters to the company, "there's some good change I might give you my money and upgrade in the future"... just as soon as you put back the traditional view. I want what is new in v.4, however I have no desire to give up what I paid for in v.3.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts everyone! I love hearing from you on how we can make 1Password better :)

    Regarding the "hope" and "maybe" tone that Mike was hinting at, he was not trying to be elusive. It's simply that we have a lot of cool features we want to add and we have to prioritize them. So please continue to add your "+1"'s to this thread and help us set the priorities.

    By the way, Mike is right, I was a big fan of the "traditional layout" and have been hoping to see some free cycles so we can bring it back. With that said, each day that I use the 3 column layout the more I enjoy it. I'm not trying to talk you out of adding your "+1" here; I simply wanted to share my personal point of view with you :)

  • Why "remove features" - I can see you want to add new cool features... but do you have to remove old cool features to make room?

    Please add my vote for this feature to return - I also want to see the configurable columns so I can see which folder my cards are stored in - in version 4 it's impossible to see which folder a card is in if you locate it using search

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Ernie,

    It's not like that, we didn't remove the feature but rather we didn't reimplement it. 1Password 4 is not a simple straight update from 1Password 3. We actually started over from the ground up without reusing anything from 1Password 3 to modernize the codebase and set the foundation for the next few years of development. We want to do things better in 1Password 4 with focus on speed, modern design, efficiency, stronger security, and big major features. Stuff like multiple vaults wouldn't be possible to add to 1Password 3, we had to overhaul our entire data structure in 1Password 4 to make this possible, along with huge security improvements designed for the next century.

    All of the changes we're making, we have to fit them all together in a consistent interface that's easier to use than before.

    If we were to bring a previous feature like the compressed view back, we will do it in a better implementation then we had in 1Password 3, and it'll be done to fit other new features we added in 1Password 4. We don't want to reuse the same code, why when we can do it much better in 1Password 4.

    Imagine this possibility; what if we could do the columns view that also shows which vault each item is in? That could also fit in other feature requests where users want to see all items from all vaults to make it easier to search through all vaults.

    1Password 3 is built on a codebase that was started way back in 2009, with nearly ~2000 changes we made to it in ~200 updates over the years. 1Password 4 is very young with the same beautiful future ahead.

  • I'm adding my vote for AgileBits to please implement a leaner interface, like the "Widescreen" view in Version 3. The "modern design"of V4 is akin to being yelled at by the user interface. I think V3 has the more "consistent interface" with the same font size/type in both the sidebar and "items" column, wholly unlike V4.

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot


    Try the view menu > Item list layout > top or left : Does that fit your needs ?

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