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  • I have just installed my copy of 1Password ( on a new laptop and Firefox won't allow me to install the extension because it is 'not compatible'. I'm running Firefox ESR 17.0.6. Any advice for me to fix this?

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    From our "Firefox ESR 17 and 1Password" support article:

    1Password does support Firefox ESR 17 but you'll need to download it separately from the regular version of our Firefox extension.

    1. First, uninstall the regular version of 1Password extension in Firefox
    2. Now, you can download the official 1Password for Firefox ESR 17 extension here
    3. After installing it, restart Firefox and 1Password should work properly now.
  • Great! It works. Thanks for the quick reply and clear explanation.

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    It is my pleasure to help. I'm glad everything is working well. :)

    Enjoy your week!

  • Need updated Version vor 1Password 4

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    Hi @islam,

    1Password 4 is not yet out for Windows. Are you having a problem with the Firefox extension on your Mac?

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