Hard to Update Password

It is very hard to update a password manually in iPassword. The password field is very narrow because of the GENERATE button. It also will not scroll as you type so if you make a typo you will not know until you save it and try it. What a hassle. Please move the GENERATE button and widen the field so we can see what we are entering. It can be kind of important.


  • Hi Parker,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in with your feedback. You're right, that corner of the screen can get a bit crowded. This is actually a feature that has been greatly improved in 1Password 4 for Mac (which has been recently released!) The Generate dialogue has been moved to a spot below the password field, and the field now expands to fit the length of your password.

    At this point, because our efforts are focussed on improving 1Password 4, I can't guarantee we'll be able to make changes to 1Password 3 for Mac, but I have passed your feedback along to our developers.

  • I have had this problem as well, and have been able to mitigate it somewhat by making the 1Password window wider, which moves the offending elements farther to the right, leaving more room for the password field. However (and this is true for other fields as well), I have noticed that if the password is longer than will display in the space available, the field does not scroll to the side when using the arrow keys to navigate the characters - the cursor just disappears off the side of the field and I can't tell where it is anymore, nor see the rest of the password! If I click and drag in the password field, it will scroll correctly, but that is obviously less than ideal. This is also the case in the URL field (and probably others) which is a problem since URLs can get quite long very easily. I really hope that the devs will be able to spare a little time for these frustrating usability issues for those of us who can't afford the latest and greatest machines.

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