Added Text Field Not Syncing to Desktops

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I'm using 1Password 4 on our iPhones, and 1Password 3 (MAS version) on our desktops.

I added a text field in a Bank Account entry for an additional PIN (we each have separate cards associated with the account). This field synced over fine to my wife's phone, but did not to the desktops. All are syncing via Dropbox, and the Agilekeychain is located in a 1Password folder inside the Dropbox folder.

My MacBook Pro is running 10.8.5, and her iMac is running Lion 10.7.5. (It's one of those that can't go to Mountain Lion…)



  • Hi @Jeffois,

    Unfortunately, custom fields is a new feature 1Password 4, so there is no way to view them in 1Password 3. Try saving the additional PIN in note form. That should sync to all your devices. :)

  • OK---took the leap, installed 4 on my MBP. I can see the field there, and at the risk of jinxing it, the program is running well. Does desktop 4 run on Lion? My wife's iMac is stuck there forever.

  • Hi @Jeffois,

    I'm glad to hear that 1Password 4 is working smoothly so far! Unfortunately, a minimum OS of 10.8.4, so your Wife might have to be content with 1Password 3 for now.

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