New Sync, Old Data

I tried sync on iCloud and Dropbox. iCloud did not work for iOS version. Since there is still an issue with deleting freezing the app on the iPhone (4S) I deleted the app and re-downloaded.

Deleted the data on Dropbox, then synced fresh from the Mac version of 1Password.

Started the app on the iPhone. Message said it was checking iCloud, and sure enough it was syncing when I got into settings.

But the iCloud version of the data was not right (is there a way to delete it?)

So I did it again -- deleted the app from the phone, redownloaded. Started the app, got the message that it was checking iCloud. Entered master password, which it seems to have remembered somehow. Went into settings really really fast. iCloud sync was turned on, but now, so was Dropbox and it was syncing with Dropbox as I quickly turned off iCloud.

However it did not pull in all the passwords. For example, on my Mac I have six items that begin with the name Carl. Even after creating a clean 1Password.agilekeychain from scratch in Dropbox and then syncing to my phone, only three of the Carl passwords show up on the phone. I am noticing that 293 items are listed in "All Items" on the phone, but 305 are listed on the Mac (the Mac is correct).

I noticed on the forum that a new version of the iOS app was submitted to the app store several days ago. It seemed long enough ago that it would be helpful to post this, but if this is premature I apologize.

My main points are:

1- when deleting the app it appeared to me as if some settings were kept. I think that deleting the app then redownloading should reset it as new.

2- that includes NOT checking iCloud, since I want to be able to tell the app myself where the good version of the data is


  • Hi @dveaner,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble getting synced up! I'd like you to try the reinstall of 1Password 4 for iOS again, but with an extra step that will remove the old data that is stored in iCloud.

    To start fresh, please try:

    • Tap & hold on the 1Password icon on the home screen. It will begin to move slightly, and an x will appear on the corner.
    • Tap the x on 1Password, and confirm the deletion.
    • Press the Home button to stop the other apps on your screen from moving.
    • Delete the Data on iCloud (if it exists):
    • Restart your iOS device
    • Now, visit the App Store on your device, and tap the Purchased section (on iPhone, Purchased is nested within Updates).
    • Find 1Password in your purchase history and tap the cloud icon to re-download, free of charge.

    • When you open 1Password 4 for the first time, select "I've Used 1Password Before" and sync via Dropbox

    Please let me know how this works for you!

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