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After using Roboform for years, I'd like to give 1Password a try. Agilebits support says the two can co-exist. I installed the trial version of 1Password, and am able to access the app. But, when logging into sites with Chrome or Firefox, I see no pop-up from 1PW. Do I have to disable Roboform some way?


  • Ok, so now I've figured out that I apparently have to manually install the add-ins to my browser, which I've done. So login credentials are being captured properly. Is the only way to login using 1PW to click on the key icon on the address bar, or from the 1PW app itself? Roboform has a nice prominent pop-up window and/or toolbar in the browser which I'd like to have in 1PW too. Any suggestions on a way to do this?

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    Hi, tfield98!

    When you direct your browser to a web site's login page for which you have a Login item (username and password) saved in 1Password for Windows, does pressing Ctrl+\ (backslash) invoke 1Password for Windows to fill the login page fields?

    If that doesn't work for you, please let us know what browser (including version) you're using so we can look into it.



  • Hi, David,

    Yes, Ctrl+\ works fine. But that wasn't my question.

    My question was whether there is a way to have 1Password show a small tool bar (like the one it uses to prompt whether we want to save) reminding us that we have a password for the site we just navigated to. The way that 1Password works now AFAIK, I have to first remember that I have a password. Then I have to click on the key icon. Then I have to click on the site name in the pop-up.

    Even if I use Ctrl-\, I still have to know the option available.

    What I'm saying is that I like Roboform's tool bar and/or pop-up window that shows that the password saver has a password for the site.

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    Ah, I see! Sorry I misunderstood the question.

    As far as I know, there's no plan at this time to add a "toolbar" for 1Password. We're always on the lookout for suggestions, though, so we appreciate the feedback. (I came to 1Password from Roboform, myself, several years ago.)

    Thanks for trying 1Password!


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