PDF Attachements doesn't open in iOS

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Helllo, I am facing issues with the latest 1pw 4 for iOS version. I created a new secure note on 1PW 4 for Mac and added a scanned PDF as attach emend . I can see and use this PDF on my other mac as well. On iOS i can the see PDF but it doesn't proper open (it opens and remains grey screen) - even when I forward the PDF to external viewer, f.ex. Adobe PDF for iOS - Adobe PDF says: "Invalid document" - Everything works as designed here?


  • Hi @telephoneman,

    That's no good! I just added a PDF here, and it seems to behave properly for me at least. Can you give me a bit more detail about your whole 1Password ecosystem there?

    • What is the version number of 1Password 4 for iOS? (You can see this in Settings > About)
    • What are you using to keep your devices in sync?

    Also, I'm curious- was it a particularly large attachment? Do you have other attachments that are behaving properly?

    The more information you can provide, the more quickly we'll be able to figure out just what is going on here :)

  • Pdf attachments do open for me on iOS so I think it must be something to do with your setup, @telephoneman, or, as Megan suggests, maybe an usually large file.


  • @Megan: I think I might have found a root cause. it seems the object got somehow corrupt. Background: I was member of 1PW 4 Mac beta phase. And in one release I lost my file attachments. (but I haven't investigated due it noticed late and wasn't a real problem for me). This item is one of those objects where I lost the attached file. And I reattached a file again. And I couldn't access it. Now I investigated a bit - I removed the not accessible PDF and reattached it again to the corrupt secure note. iOS now shows 2 attached items (for both the icon for Preview (PDF) does NOT appear - just the file name). I shows 2 attachments, although there is just one attached. I created a complete new note from scratch and attached the file - here its fine.

  • Hi @telephoneman,

    I'm so glad that you managed to sort things out!

    Just to explain things a bit, we are currently working on tracking down a bug where deleted attachments don't sync properly to iOS, so that would be why you were seeing two attachments on your iOS. Creating a new note is a good way to get things tidied up in the meantime. :)

    If you have any further questions, we're here to help.

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