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Knox and 1Password are excellent apps! I have benefited from using both of them for several years; however, this week I encountered a significant problem. I cannot open one of my vaults on one of my two computers.

I have a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. The vaults on the two computers have identical names and use identical passwords.

This week I upgraded both machines to the new Mac OS, Maverick. I also updated to the new 1Password 4 on the Air. The vaults on the Pro continue to work seamlessly, but one vault on the Air will not open.

This would not pose a great problem but for the fact that it has been six months since I backed up the content of the Air onto the Pro. I have tried several things to remedy the problem.

First, I copied the vault in question from the Air to the Pro using an external drive. But the vault could not be opened on the Pro, which still has the earlier version of 1Password.

Second, I tried opening the backups of the vault that are stored on a separate external hard drive from the Air, but they could not be opened. (Of course, the backups go back for weeks to the time before I had the problem with the vault on my Air.)

Third, I tried restoring copies of the vault form time machine, but the copies from various days going back for weeks cannot be opened.

Fourth, I have tried restoring copies of the vault from CrashPlan. As with the other redundant copies, the copies of the vault go back for week before the problem existed. They cannot be opened.

Fifth, I took the problem to the local Apple store in Southlake, Texas, but after two-hours, the person at the Genius Bar could not open the vault. (Interestingly, he was able to change passwords, but that did not open the vault.) He believes the content of the vault is still intact.

The message that appears in the dialogue window when the vault fails to open says, "There may be a problem." When I have tried using a bogus password, the message reads, “authentication error.”

Because of the nature of my work, I need the material on the vault that will not open. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them.


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    Hi, @BigDDoc. I'm sorry you're having this trouble with vaults. We've also received your email about it and someone will be following up with you there as soon as possible.

  • I know you are swamped with people who have needs, and I certainly understand that. I am looking forward to getting some kind of help because the content on the vault I cannot open is critical to my business. I look forward to hearing from you. Appreciatively,

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    Hi @BigDDoc,

    If you don't mind, I'm going to close this thread, so our other forum support guys don't replicate the efforts to help you. I've emailed you just an hour ago about this, so please do PM me here if you don't get any emails from me today.


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