Unable to open from Desktop Icon

No problems with 1 Password until today. When I open from the icon, instead of the normal app popping up prompting for my master password, I receive a small pop up "Welcome to 1Password" "What would you like to do now?" My 3 choices are 1) Create new 1Password Data 2) Open Existing 1Password Data 3) Restore 1Password Data from Backup If I choose 2 it links to the 1Password Data Folder ile in my Documents, but if I choose it "c\User......Documents\1Passsword......\data" is not a 1Password Data Folder. If I choose 3 I get an error. I dont want to choose 1.

I have the 1Password installed on 2 different PCs and on 1 Mac. All have the same exact issue. The extension on my browser works fine, and my iPhone app is fine. Do I need to uninstall, and re install??


  • svondutchsvondutch

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    The stand-alone app seems to have forgotten where your 1Password data is. Please search your system for a folder named *.agilekeychain (probably 1Password.agilekeychain) and then open that folder.

  • I found the folder...it lives in my Drop Box Folder. Do I need to copy it back to the pc?

  • I figured it out. Thanks!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That's good news—thanks for letting us know, sean61s!

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