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When I open 1P ver from the windows start button, 90% of my logins are gone, yet the program seems to remember them all in the firefox browser. I have used dropbox forever to store my keychain.

I see a 1Password.agilekeychain file in My Documents, which hasn't been modified in a year and one in Dropbox.
I don't know when backups are performed but my 1P backup file went from 370 items on 9/16 to 11 on 10/9. Is there anyway to sync old data with new?


  • FooliganFooligan
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    Discalimer: I don't work for AgileBits, but here is my recommendation.

    In the new 11 item database, do the following:
    1. File > Export...
    2. Select 1Password Interchange File
    3. Select All Items
    4. OK
    5. Save the file to a secure location.
    6. Backup > Restore 1Password Data From Backup
    7. Select the most recent accurate backup that has all of your items.
    8. Select Replace Current in the next dialog box.
    9. File > Import
    10. Change the file type to the *.1pif and select the file you just exported.
    11. In the next dialog you can either verify all logins to import or just say yes to all.

    Your database should now have the old and new logins available. Securely DELETE the *.1pif file that you recently saved to be safe. Let me know if you need more details.

  • You're the man! Thanks

  • Glad to hear that worked out.

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    Thanks so much for helping, Fooligan! I love this community.

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