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How do you export secure notes? It seems to me that all that can be exported are the logins. I am tired of waiting for the Windows version to be updated and of waiting for a usable Android version to be released.

I would like to move to a different product that actually supports and develops for more then just Apple.


  • You can export everything (including secure notes) to 1PIF here: File > Export

  • That does not export the secure notes. It only exports the logins.

  • It does export everything, but you'll need to change the format to "1Password Interchange File" (1PIF)

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    Hi @Fireshot,

    Here's a screenshot to show what Stefan's referring to, note the text changed to All Items.

    All items

  • Thanks. Got it.

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    On behalf of Mike and Stefan, you are quite welcome! :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help.

  • how can I convert a 1PIF file into a format I can migrate into another note program such as evernote?

  • Hi @eichlerdad,

    Unfortunately, at this point there is no way to convert a .1pif file into something readable by Evernote or other note programs. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you here.

  • I have been using 1Password for many notes in addition to logins, etc for a few years and have over 800 notes. Can you suggest a way to export my notes for use in another program that is really more intended for notes?

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    Wow, this is scary. I am just embarking on getting information into 1Password - possibly out of OneNote, but this inability to export out is a showstopper.

    No replies on this for a whole week. I hope one of the awesome moderators will comment on this soon.

    Is there a way to export Secure Notes out to a neutral format in order to allow it to be imported into some other application?

    If there is not a way, please prioritize this and post a ETA, because without it, nobody would use 1Passwords Secure Notes. Good thing I came across this forum post!

    I was expecting to use it in place of OneNote, but if I am going to be locked in, Secure Notes is a dangerous feature. Please let me know what the direction is for 1P's Secure Notes.

    Looking forward to a positive reply soon.

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    I wonder if you can create an Automator script to iterate over each Secure Note, and copy/paste the contents into another location. The Watch Me Do action should probably work.

  • You can export your secure notes to 1PIF. This is plain-text JSON.

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    There seem to be two "fears" here: 1. The perceived inability to export secure notes, and 2. How to convert that exported data into a readily-consumable format for other apps. Fear 1. was addressed early in this thread by Stefan von Dutch (so it seems that the posters in reply 10 and 11 might not have read the thread fully). Fear 2 is not really relevant to 1Password, and my possible suggestion re: Automater was an attempt at a workaround for those who want to transfer their secure notes content (but this works on only Mac OS X). A better solution might be to script a format converter from the pif data into data that can be imported by the target app (if that is even possible for the app).

  • @Stefan von Dutch, thank you. That is a relief to know. I was under the imagination that 1PIF was a binary format; should have looked.

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    On Stefan's behalf, you're welcome, fool4! We wouldn't want to lock you into 1Password—we believe true commitment comes only from mutual respect and admiration. <3

  • "Unfortunately, at this point there is no way to convert a .1pif file into something readable by Evernote or other note programs. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you here."

    How is this not locking me into 1Password? I am just an end user and not an IT Pro who just wants to be able to print my notes so I'd like like to migrate them to a more flexible app - I still don't know how to do this...

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I can see you're frustrated, @eichlerdad, and we're sorry you feel that way, because our goal is to delight.

    But the fact is that you can use even the free demo version of 1Password to get to your Secure Note items directly, so if you decided to stop using 1Password, you could copy the text of a Secure Note item and paste it into your favorite text editor. Worst case, you could even open an exported 1PIF file in a text editor and locate the content of your Secure Notes—it isn't pretty, but the text is there.

    Both methods are far from ideal, and we apologize sincerely for that inconvenience, but it's not locking you into 1Password.

  • @eichlerdad what (export) format do you need for your secure notes? (please note they are not secure anyone once you export them).

  • Thank you both for responding!

    I do not plan to stop using 1Password but I have been using 1Password for many notes that I do not need to have secure (recipes and the like) just because it has been convenient with the syncing and all. I now have a LOT of notes in 1Password and with the new version I can no longer print and other inconveniences so I would like the switch many of my notes that do not need to be secure to a more convenient note specific app. I would like the notes in a format that I can easily import (around 800 notes) into Evernote or the like.

    Thank you for your help.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thanks, @aichlerdad. It sounds like plain text would be the best bet—perhaps a simple tab-delimited or comma-delimited file with two fields: note title and note text; would that sort of solution suit your purposes?

    Of course, I can't commit the time of Development, and new features would have to fight for priority with the round-the-clock effort to get version 4 ready to exercise.

  • I would like the notes in a format that I can easily import (around 800 notes) into Evernote or the like.

    Do you happen to have details on the Evernote import format?

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