Password Won't Work on Both Macs

Last night I tried to log into Netflix on my iMac after making a password change on my MacBook Pro. Netflix accepts the new password from the MacBook but not the iMac. It's the same username and password! I tried entering manually, cut and paste, nothing worked. Tried restarting the computer, no dice. This may not be a 1P problem directly, but how can the same password work in one computer but not in the other?? Very puzzled.


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, @hansbraul.

    I'm sorry you're having this puzzling password problem with your Netflix login. Let's figure out the reason and how to fix it.

    Which versions of 1Password, OS X, and web browser are your Macs running? Presumably you've enabled 1Password syncing between them and it's working correctly?

    Could you describe how you're successfully logging into Netflix on your MacBook Pro? And doing the same thing on your iMac isn't working? How are you verifying that the same username/password are surely being used on each system?

    One thing to try is logging into Netflix without using 1Password, using a different web browser on at least on the iMac. Same username/password on both, of course. If you're still able to login in on the MBP and not the iMac then you know 1Password isn't a factor.

    Please let me know how that goes and we'll take the next step from there. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Problem solved - it looks like my MacBook was still using the apple keychain info that hadn't been changed, and somehow 1P had not been updated (user error). HOWEVER … in troubleshooting, I found two problems:
    1. When I changed the netflix password using the password generator, it auto filled both fields, but Netflix said they didn't match. I had to manually cut and paste into the two fields and that worked fine.
    2. When I went to log into Netflix on my iMac, it didn't auto fill the email and password like it does on the MacBook. I had to manually cut and paste, and that worked ok.
    Not exactly no-nevermind!

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, @hansbraul.

    Glad to hear you've solved the problem… mostly. :)

    1. We're working on improving the accuracy of Password Generator so it fills the correct field(s).

    2. Often the easiest workaround for inaccurate autofill (also being improved) is:

      Saving a new Login manually

      After confirming new items work correctly you can delete originals so you won't get them mixed up.

    I hope that helps.

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