Dropbox Sync not working iPassword Pro 3.7.2


I've noticed that my Dropbox syncing just stopped working. When I ask it to sync it returns an "Error: (null)" message. Currently using iPassword Pro 3.7.2 on an iPad running iOS 7.0.3.

Any suggestions? I've attempted to log out and log back in but it does not work. Restarting app and device also has had no effect. I was going to try re-installing, but I no longer see iPassword Pro 3 in the appstore, so I've held off uninstalling for fear not being able to get it back.


  • Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately, the issue you are seeing is the result of a recent change that Dropbox made to their API. We've written a blog post that should answer most of your questions here: http://blog.agilebits.com/2013/08/08/1password-3-dropbox-sync-faq/

    But, the basic gist of things is this: due to these changes, 1Password 3 for iOS can no longer sync via Dropbox. Our new version is 1Password 4 for iOS has been built to work with Dropbox's latest and greatest sync technology. 1Password 4 for iOS has been for sale in the iTunes store since December, as a separate purchase from version 3 (the "old" and still supported version).  We did this because it's basically an entirely new application, built bigger, better, faster, and stronger.  It is also a universal app now, meaning you only require one purchase for all your iDevices associated with your Apple ID, using iOS 6 or greater. Since the iOS device(s) you want to run 1Password on are running iOS 6+, the best solution is to move to 1Password 4 for iOS.

    You can check out 1Password 4 for iOS in the App Store:


    Once installed, just open 1Password 4 for iOS, tap that you have used 1Password before, then tap Sync with Dropbox.

    If you just need a way to backup your data to a Mac or PC for safe keeping, 1Password 3 for iOS has a nifty Backup & Restore option. 1Password can create an encrypted backup of your data file, and you can use a browser on a Mac or PC to copy that file to a place for safe keeping. Here’s our guide to get started with that:


  • I suppose I'll just use wifi to sync on my iOS devices until I can find an alternative to 1Password then. I don't agree with this forced paid update business.

  • Hi Mike,

    I do apologize for the inconvenience. Our intent was certainly not to force an upgrade.

    The service that Dropbox is retiring is now over six years old. Like Apple, Dropbox is quickly innovating its products. Sometimes, that means a company needs to retire legacy services in order to continue providing the best products possible. And while we'd love to be able to update 1Password 3 for iOS to make it compatible with Dropbox's new API, we're just not able to. When we launched 1Password 4 for iOS last year, we removed our three previous 1Password 3 for iOS apps from sale to avoid confusing customers. Apps removed from sale cannot be updated.

    I hope this helps you understand our position a bit better, but I am sorry that we don't have a better solution for you here.

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    LAST YEAR!?!?! I never received any notifications of this upgrade. Would have been nice to get a notification inside the 1pw app that a new version was available.... AND... that the old version isn't going to sync any longer with dropbox... AND that we must buy it again... AND we could have upgraded for a discount.

    So now we're forced to upgrade at full price?

    Mike... Let me know what you find for a replacement. Not sure if I'll switch, but it's definitely an option now.

  • Hi Travis,

    Again, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience here. We did not announce the 1Password 4 iOS app directly to current users when it originally became available because it was not a required upgrade, but an entirely new version of the app. We were talking about it all over our blog, Twitter, Facebook and our newsletter, but we did not want users to feel pressured to purchase the new version. People who were happy with 1Password 3 for iOS at that time were welcome (and still are) to continue using it.

    When we heard about the Dropbox API change, we sent out a push notification to all iOS customers to advise them of the situation. I do apologize if you missed it.

    Still, you do not have to upgrade if you are satisfied with 1Password 3. 1Password 3 for iOS will sync via Wi-Fi with 1Password 3 for Mac. If you would like to keep your data synced up that way, I'd be happy to help you set that up.

    Please let me know if I can answer any further questions for you!

  • I would have appreciated a notice to let me know of the sync issue, and would have upgraded at the discounted price.

  • Hi @Mookie,

    I do apologize for the inconvenience here. As I mentioned above, we did send out a push notification to all iOS users when we became aware of the sync issue.

    If you'd like me to help you get set up with Wi-Fi syncing with 1Password 3 for Mac, I'd be happy to help!

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    I hate to continue on this vain, but at the moment I have IPassword 3.72 on my iPhone and IPassword 3.8.2 on my MacBook Pro 10.75, and nothing has really synced for months because I had turned to a paper list as I was away and couldn't get time to fix all of these issues. Further my last paid upgrade was Nov 2 2012.
    Now I'm hearing that only if I upgrade to IPassword 4 which requires I upgrade to last version of Mac (currently loaded with other non performing items)can I get the sync issue corrected. Thats a lot of upgrades to put me into another field of errors and upgrades which are occurring in less than an year. I know we are supposed to receive a notice, but I've been away and on a another front when I tired to get this issue fixed yesterday I couldn't sigin-in to the Ipassword site, I had been deleted ( lost my sign-in and user name) .

    Finally, I have already sent a email to support requesting a refund of my payment for unusable copy of IPassword 4, because I don't have and will not be upgrading to Maverick until may of the current issues are fixed. I came to Mac to get rid of software issues - my challenge continues.

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    Hi @Blaine_Benson,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having with 1Password lately. I'll do my best to help you get sorted out just as soon as possible!

    Now I'm hearing that only if I upgrade to IPassword 4 which requires I upgrade to last version of Mac (currently loaded with other non performing items)can I get the sync issue corrected.

    If you would prefer to stay with 1Password 3, I'd be happy to help you get set up with Wi-Fi syncing. I do apologize that Dropbox sync is no longer available - as I mentioned above, we really have no way to update 1Password 3 for iOS to make it compatible with Dropbox's new API - we would do so if we could!

    I have already sent a email to support requesting a refund of my payment for unusable copy of IPassword 4, because I don't have and will not be upgrading to Maverick until may of the current issues are fixed.

    I would like to apologize for the delay in responding via email. We have been a bit overwhelmed since the launch of 1Password 4 for Mac, but we're all working extra hard and putting in extra hours to get back to our usual snappy responses and we really appreciate your patience.

    If you would send me a private message with the email address that you used to email support, I'll dig it out of the queues and see if I can't expedite your request. :)

    Edit: Using the your forum information I was able to track down your licensing information and your email in our system. I've responded to you there - please check your inbox!

  • I also emailed your support about this. What bothers me most is not that dropbox sync doesn't work, it's that I found out it doesn't work because my wife and I got into an argument about how we are not writing down the latest passwords into 1password so its a hassle to get into shared stuff.

    Eventually she showed me on her phone my records were not there, and after a while I figured out this was broken for a long time and there was no warning!

    You need to email your users if a major API that almost everyone is using breaks. I didn't have a backup of any of my stuff if my iphone got damaged I would have lost a lot of stuff!

    By the way there is no way to import into the new app or the new 1password versions from the backup file, and I can't figure out how to get wifi sync to work.

    I am pulling my hair out in frustration I have thousands of records in here I can't just retype them and there is no way for me to get my data out.

    I get it, you guys want to make money and hold my data hostage until I pay to upgrade to the new version, no problem. BUT I DID PAY TO UPGRADE AND THERE IS STILL NO WAY TO GET MY DATA.

    That = losing customers.

    Just release an app that takes the old data backup file and unencrypts it so we can get our data out of this garbage format.

    P.S. TO anyone considering upgrading to fix this problem I'll save you some money. DON"T they new version isn't any better, still has no way to export, and buying the new app will NOT help you get your data, the instructions that say it will import from prior version DO NOT WORK. A popup comes up and when you click migrate data to new version it disappears and does nothing.

  • Oh your going to love this. I tried typing a few things into the new app, and that won't sync with the new 1password for mac either. everything looks fine, i enter the right password, i see the mac pro show up, etc then I get:
    "Sync Problem - Error - Domain=com.agilebits.com.onepassword.ErrorDomain Code=7014 "Server error" UserInfo=0x11c2c70 {NSLocalizedDescription=Server error:}


  • Hi @Gaffe,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble that you've been having with 1Password lately! We certainly don't want to be the cause of any arguments :) I used the email address associated with your forum account to search our support emails, and I see that, since your posts here, my friend Greig has helped you get things sorted out. Is there any outstanding issue that I can help you with here?

    Again, I do apologize for the trouble you've gone through - the Dropbox change has caused a lot more discomfort for users than we would have preferred, and we are taking all feedback into account if any such change should happen in the future (although we really hope to avoid this entirely next time!)

  • Sorry to add to the frustrations expressed here because I've been a satisfied user for a long time. However, I just recently crashed my hard drive on my MacBook Pro, which I had 1Password 3 and used WiFi sync to my iPhone, which I have 1Password 3.7.2. I just discovered while trying to rebuild my Mac that version 3 is no longer available, so I downloaded version 4. Now I can't sync my iPhone, which has all of my current data, to my Mac because it can't sync to dropbox nor to the cloud, nor to version 4 via WiFi.

    Before the crash, i was very content with the WiFi sync between my phone and my Mac...

    So what can I do? If I "bought" version 4 for my iPhone, would it be able to convert my existing data?????

  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Hey @JBLem,

    You're still able to download and use 1Password 3 if you want to. Here's a direct download link if you're interested.

    Basically, there are two options for you to continue to keep everything in sync:

    If you have already purchased 1Password 4 for Mac and want to use it, that's possible too. You can use 1Password 3 for Mac as an intermediary between version 3 on iOS and version 4 on Mac. Follow the instructions here (post #13) by @Megan if you're interested. Then you can sync between the version 3 apps using wifi while still using 1Password 4 for Mac.

    But if you simply want to go back to the way it was before, installing and using 1Password 3 for Mac is definitely possible!

    Hope that helps! :)

  • Thank you JasperP! This worked. I'm still on the demo version of 4 and will test your suggestion before buying....

    Thanks again!!

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