Feature Request: SkyDrive syncing

I'm looking for a password storing solution and have been told by trusted people that 1Password is the way to go.

I am an early Windows 8 adopter, and Skydrive is a major feature of that OS so my cloud information is being moved to that platform.
I am not a Dropbox user, and do not wish to become one.

Skydrive's services are available on Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, and Windows Phone 7/8.

I am willing to pay good money for this software, and can only do so when if fits in to my life.

Windows 8 adoption is growing, and with it, so to, is Skydrive's user base. Microsoft is all-in on Skydrive, and it's 7GB of free storage is quite useful.
Also, judging by the posts in this thread it would behoove you to support it.

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    Welcome to the forums, Jeremy! Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    There really isn't anything I can say right now beyond what I've already said in the other thread to which you refer. Slightly more details are also in our "Alternatives to Dropbox cloud syncing: iCloud, Google Drive, SkyDrive" support article. Please be sure to not skip the first paragraph.

    We don't normally pre-announce future products or features as we prefer to let our shipping features speak for themselves. We don't think it's right to string folks along with empty promises, so we don't do that.

    I really do appreciate your passion for this and know that you wouldn't have taken the time to post if you didn't care. I'll pass your vote for SkyDrive support along to the developers. For now, Dropbox syncs securely across all supported platforms. You can be sure we will announce any news related to SkyDrive syncing on our blog as soon as we have something shipping.

  • I was hoping for Google Drive support, but recently I have found SkyDrive to be a very good solution for me. I also hope 1Password will support SkyDrive for syncing soon!

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    Thanks for your vote, llimbik! Please don't miss the detailed explanation in the aforelinked support article in the meantime:

    Alternatives to Dropbox cloud syncing: iCloud, Google Drive, SkyDrive

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with! :)

  • You gotta at Skydrive, this is ridiculous - only reason many of us have dropbox is you lack of Skydrive support. Go where the puck is going to be.

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    Thanks for your feedback and hockey analogy, Philip! As a Detroiter working for a Canadian company, I can appreciate that. I've passed your vote along as well.

  • Another vote to include SkyDrive support. I also only have Dropbox for 1Password on my Dell XPS WIN 8.
    No other app can touch 1Password as I used it for over a year w/iPhone & iPad. But, as all have stated with WIN 8, SkyDrive is all the rage when utilizing Microsoft. Please take this into consideration as WIN 8 & RT are adding users daily.
    Thanks & Go Predators!!

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    +1 for Skydrive support. I've been using Dropbox for years, but I'm fed up with it's inability to support proxy authentication and constantly disabling my Windows user profile. I could also live with Sugarsync as this seems to behave better than Dropbox.

  • I currently use 1password on my laptop and literally the only thing preventing me from enthusiastically throwing more money at you guys is a lack of SkyDrive support. Any updates on this?

  • I gotta agree with the other guys. The way windows 8 sycs with the Nokia windows phone and allows spreadsheets to be synked in sky drive makes everyman a programmer. My outlook account , however, got hacked with a phishing Email from India. Luckily they didn't discover the note in Skydrive with all my passwords. So, I am moving my passwords to 1password because of how it works. Very nice. I tried the 1 password app for the Nokia phone that wants to sync with dropbox. It appears to be redundant to have dropbox and skydrive. I will take a chance that 1Password will develop a skydrive app and try it on my laptop. Good luck on the skydrive develpment. Mike Hood INTERVALIDATE

  • +1 For Skydrive sync support

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