Sync Windows with OSX password, why not introduce private-cloud solutions?

Recently i became a 1Password user. The reason for this is that the functionality of syncing the passwords for my OSx and iPhone can be done using the USB/WiFi eliminating the need for a public cloud solution like DropBox. As the history has proven DropBox is, in my humble opinion, not the place where i would like to keep my passwords/secrets, regardless if they are encrypted or not but store them on my own premises.

As the '1Password' name suggests i would like to see a sync mechanism without a public cloud solution for all the products that Agile has in their portfolio. I guess the best use-case is for syncing Windows with OSX 1Password database.

I would like to suggest to implement a USB/WiFi, network filesystem, webbased or private cloud (using Synology DS orso) solution to facilitate in this behaviour.

Is this feasible?


  • 1Password 4 for Windows is going support Wi-Fi Sync.

  • @svondutch that is good news, does it mean i can sync my OSX with my iphone subsequently my iphone with Windows? That's a good thing.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Wi-fi sync'ing in 1Password 4 for Windows sync's only to a mobile device, which would, in turn, sync with 1Password for Mac. The two desktop versions will not sync directly.

    (I don't see how the name 1Password implies anything about the sync mechanism. The name represents the "one password" you'll need to remember—your master password—to be able to create and use unguessable passwords for all your site accounts.)

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