Feature Request; Breach Alert.

I've been having a look around at other password managers to see what they offer after recommending 1Password on another forum and came across a feature that might be useful in 1Password.

It would be good if 1Password was able to display an alert/warning when a website is known to have been compromised, Adobe as an example giving the user a prompt to change their password. IOS would be fairly simple an alert could be displayed as a banner. Not sure how it would be in Windows or OSX but I'm sure a simple alert could be displayed in some form via the addin.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, @AStaley, but I can't think how such a breach would be made known to 1Password, in order for it to display an alert.

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    I can't think how such a breach would be made known to 1Password, in order for it to display an alert.

    it would be nice if 1Password could "phone home" and display important security news.

  • Doesn't 1Password already check back in some fashion to get the site icons (Mac/IOS)? Presumably a similar mechanism could be used to compare URL's with passwords stored against them in 1Password against a list held by Agilebits and if a breach is found display some sort of alert either within the browser addon or an alert panel within the main app.

    I'm sure there are many ways something like this can be achieved, one for the dev team to mull over if anyone thinks it adds value. This is just a feature I had seen elsewhere and thought it sounded interesting and would help those users who don't spend their time looking at security/tech sites who may not otherwise be aware of a breach unless/until the site involved alerts them. Hopefully if they are already using 1Password then they have different/complex passwords for the sites they use, but an extra nudge is always useful.

    I'm certainly happy with 1Password and am looking forward to seeing what future versions bring to Mac/Windows and IOS.

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    I think I understand: AgileBits would somehow monitor some source of information about security matters, maintain that information in a format in which 1Password on the various supported platforms could obtain it, and the 1Password programs and apps would somehow display it to the user...perhaps as they launch.

    Interesting. Thanks again for the suggestion, @AStaley.

  • This is a great suggestion and something we have actually talked about a lot, but haven't implemented (yet).

    Here's a resource you might appreciate: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

    (you can actually set up notifications and get notified if your account is compromised)

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