Kudos for the beta!



  • Absolutely cannot wait!

  • asianmackasianmack
    edited December 2013

    I switched from iOS to Android last year, and the one app I miss is 1Password. My friends have also switched from iOS to Android. The one app they miss is 1Password!

    Do you detect a pattern? :)

    Thanks so much for making 1Password for Android. Looking forward to the trying beta — and buying it when it is released!

  • I cannot wait too. I have several issues with the upgrade.

    Hope you will send an invitation for this beta program! ;)

  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hi Clay & @rockintheweb

    Just a little bit longer.. I promise it will be worth it. :)


    Hi @asianmack,

    I see where you’re going there. ;) We are glad to have you onboard! Make sure to also get your friends to sign up if they haven't already!

  • I'm waiting for beta APK :(

    I was an happy iOS 1Password User and how I'd like to use the Android version please ;)

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @giocag, if you're not signed up for the newsletter, that's where to start. :)


    Then at least you're in line for the beta. We're adding people all the time. :)

  • Without trying to sound too impatient (and probably failing ;) ) how quickly are you adding people on to the beta, signed up on the 28th Nov :)

  • Sorry that you haven't received much input from me as of yet. I've been on travel for the last couple of weeks and had an issue with my phone. I had to wait till I got home to fix it.
    I had a few issues that I had written down but decided to read thru all the posts to make sure that they were not posted yet, well they were. I've been impressed with several of the posts, this is going to be a very polished app when it's released. Anyhow, I'm up and running and will post any comments or issues as I come across them. Thanks again for all the input that everyone is posting.

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @djgdroid,

    I'm glad to hear it. When I asked for feedback in the newsletter, I meant it. So if you DO come across something, fire away! :)

  • I'm so excited for the new Android version and also for the fact that developers starting to make nice looking apps for Android devices. It's about time for developers to see Android platform seriously and I believe AgileBits developers, could motivate others to treat nice to Android.
    Design is everything.

    I'm using 1Password for Mac and iOS, but recently I switched to an Android device and the only thing that I'm missing is 1Password.
    Can't wait for the release!

    Also I read on another post a suggestion for a "bundle" for Android and Windows version. That would be great, since I would love to have 1Password on my Windows workstation too.

    Happy to see some friends on this post, that actually switched to Android! Really weird, but cool ^^

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @cheez, thanks for your feedback! We haven't made any firm decisions about how we'll release the Android version, so I'll pass your feedback along. Once you have the beta, let me know if you have any other feedback! :)

  • Hopefully the beta will be coming soon :) my Galaxy Note 3 is sorely lacking without it.

  • juicezjuicez Junior Member

    I signed up on Nov 16th, still waiting for my beta invite..... :)

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @Michael_D and @juicez, we're adding people all the time so you should see something soon I hope! :)

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