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Started by jsturtridge,

Dear AgileBits,

With the very exciting release of 1P4 for Mac - can you please let us know if there are any differences between the MAS version and that which is available in your own Store?

Many thanks - J.

  • I would really like to know this as well. I would guess that iCloud and Notification Center only works with the MAS version. I would be really interesting if I was wrong!

  • me too. I have direct family license - what will change if I move to MAS version?

  • MeganMegan Administrator

    Hi @ jsturtridge, @ ununnilium and @mam,

    There is no major differences between 1Password 4 for Mac via the Mac App Store and our website... Unless you take a close peek under the hood at things like sandboxing. :)

    The equivalent of a family license in the Mac App Store, @mam, is that you use the same AppleID to install 1Password 4 on all of your family's computers.

  • Are there really no differences?

    David Sparks has written that iCloud sync is only in the MAS version:

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    Hi @estoughton,

    The official iCloud sync support is only provided in the MAS version, we just can't confirm the same for the website version as that's up to Apple.

    Beside the iCloud sync, auto-submit tool will be required to be installed separately for the MAS version (more details will be explained later), the data paths will be different, the website initially won't be sandboxed among other minor changes that don't impact the overall use of 1Password. I've asked the docs team to write up a detailed list and we'll add it to our KB as soon as possible.

  • we just can't confirm the same for the website version as that's up to Apple.

    What does that mean??


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai Administrator
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    Hi @mam,

    iCloud sync is an exclusive feature for apps at Apple's official App Stores. If developers want to support iCloud sync, they have to go through Apple's App Stores.

  • mozart11mozart11 Junior Member

    So I'm waiting for your site to offer the upgrade to 1PW4 because I have a family license. But if I buy from the Agile store as an upgrade, iCloud sync will not be in that version of 1PW4? That is only a feature of a MAS bought 1PW4?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai Administrator

    Hi @mozart11,

    If you need iCloud sync, you should grab it at Mac App Store, not our webstore. The upgrade is available now in the webstore, we're still working on the invoices but it'll be sent out in the next few days.

  • nevnev Junior Member

    we just can't confirm the same for the website version as that's up to Apple.

    Yes - what does that mean ? Like @mam, I'd like to know.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai Administrator

    Hi @nev, I already explained it in post #8 above.

  • mikeboremikebore Junior Member

    I suspect having the store and MAS versions with the same version numbers when they are different progs is going to cause trouble ! For version 3 you have different version numbers to distinguish, I believe.

  • mozart11mozart11 Junior Member
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    So MikeT… before I spend money and because I'm obviously an idiot and trying to get a clear description instead of one that is more like a politician -

    A- I buy 1PW4 on Mac App Store and I get one license to use 1PW4 on one computer with iCloud sync option?

    B- upgrade on Agile Store my Family License of years and retain the ability for myself and two sons to use 1PW4, and not get iCloud sync in 1PW4? But only Dropbox and WIFI sync.

    Got it

  • mikeboremikebore Junior Member

    Any app purchased in the Mac App Store can be installed on up to five like a family pack.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai Administrator

    Hi @mazart11,

    Any purchases you make at the Mac App Store are automatically registered to your AppleID. You can use that AppleID to download the same app for free on any number of computers you have, that also includes your family computers. You just have to make sure you sign into your AppleID through the Mac App Store first before you download 1Password again.

    There are no known limits as to how many computers you can install your apps on as long as the Macs are under your control. You can confirm this with Apple here.

    While you can use your AppleID to sign into the Mac App Store on the family computers, the iCloud accounts do not have to change there. So 1Password on that family Mac can sync with a different iCloud sync account.

    In case you ask, unfortunately, iCloud does not let you share the data with a different iCloud account. So, if you want to share a vault or sync the same 1Password data with your family, you'll have to use Dropbox instead and share it there. In this case, you should stick with your family license at our web store.

  • mgshoutmanmgshoutman Junior Member

    This all still feels strange. Back in 2012 Agile told us that 1Password 4 would be MAS exclusively, and no we see two versions. I use the MAS version but I prefer the Agile web store version as it probably uses the Sparkle update mechanism and is eralier with new versions to. So how to get a non MAS license? :)

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but I just installed 1Password 4 (family license upgrade bought from AgileBits store) on my brother's computer and iCloud, Dropbox, and folder syncing are all available. I saw the mention that iCloud is only available on MAS version but don't find that to be the case. I have both iCloud and Dropbox syncing turned on in the iOS app. I use that very frequently and this allows my computer version and iOS versions to sync PLUS allows the iOS end to sync to Dropbox, maintaining my access to 1PasswordAnywhere.

  • mozart11mozart11 Junior Member

    Thanks @MikeT

    Sorry I've been away - but I bought 1PW4 on MAS on Oct 5. I've not had any issues at all. I was using iCloud to sync. so I deleted the 1PW4 beta testing version first and Safari extension - bought & downloaded, installed extension and for me it's like nothing changed from 3 and 4 beta. 4 found my iCloud data and that was it.

    I do prefer the MAS store to manage my buying and download of apps. I use other macs and my two kids use it too. They installed and no issues with them either. MAS saves me a lot of time as the family "tech support person".

    Apologies for my frustration @MikeT with some posts. 1PW is an app I've recommended and people have bought than I think any other app. They all then love the ability & convenience of managing passwords. My sister finally gave up her three pages of written passwords kept next to her computer!! And she has always been the most paranoid of "hacking" but me telling her leaving her passwords on paper next to outer is not all that safe.

    So week done and congrats on1PW4 AB.

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    Thanks for the followups, guys.

    @mgshoutman asked:

    So how to get a non MAS license? :)

    The answer's covered in this topic:

    Convert from MAS to direct version?

    @ScottK83 wrote:

    … I just installed 1Password 4 (family license upgrade bought from AgileBits store) on my brother's computer and iCloud, Dropbox, and folder syncing are all available.

    Which version is displayed in the {1Password menu} > About 1Password window? Actually, the filenames differ: for MAS version and 1Password for the non-MAS and beta versions.

    @mozart11 wrote:

    Apologies for my frustration @MikeT with some posts. …

    I'm sure he accepts and is glad you've got your upgrade sorted out. :)

  • @sjk, I've been using the non-MAS beta version. Under About 1Password window it says "1Password 4 Version 4.0.2b1 (402001)." File name is also 1Password The same thing applies to my brother's version, expect his was downloaded from the site and is not the beta.

  • sjksjk oversoul Administrator
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    Thanks for the followup, @ScottK83. iCloud Sync is only formally supported with the Mac App Store version.

  • ScottK83ScottK83
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    @sjk, Maybe I'm not understanding what iCloud Sync is then... Under the Sync tab in Preferences I have three options: iCloud, Dropbox, and Folder. I've attached screenshots. On the desktop side I'm using Dropbox; and on the iOS side I'm using iCloud and Dropbox. Sure looks like iCloud Sync is working on the non-MAS version.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai Administrator
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    Hi @bendfc,

    That's correct, that's why I mentioned family computers, that implies they're for personal use.

    That's because for businesses, they have to purchase the apps for their own employees or reimburse the employees by making them buy it through their own iCloud ID account.

    The same is true for our business licenses, you have to order through our business store.

  • faceface Member

    I'm still a bit confused: we use from months now beta version (direct version) and iCloud works properly. They're not MAS version but iCloud have worked for months ... What does it means ?

  • @face, it means iCloud use in betas and the AgileBits store version is unofficial, as MikeT explained in a post on the beta forum (on which I see you commented six minutes before your post above).