Switching to family plan - reimbursement?

I originally signed up for a single user account and I paid for the whole year at one time. Now, about 6 months after I first signed up, my family has started a family plan that I have joined. Is there any way to get reimbursement for the months of the individual account that I will not end up using given that I have switched my membership type (and am now paying for both)? I know that other apps like iCloud offer this, but am unsure if 1password does. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello @elianasullivan,

    We can definitely help you hove over to the family account and away from the individual account. Unfortunately we can't help with billing issues here on the forums.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with a link to this forum thread and a short explanation that you need to cancel the subscription on your individual account.

    Once you have a Support ID please post it here so we can follow up as soon as possible.

  • Do you have a recommendation on how to best convert people from individual to a family plan? Both from a technical and financial point of view? Does one person just sign up for a family account and send those people that already have an individual account an invite? Will stuff get migrated in vaults or remain the way it is for that person? Do you offer refunds on individual plans in those cases?

    I have been a user for 4years or more on Macs and iPhones and have paid for licenses while using Dropbox. After a bunch of pestering, my mother signed up to use your individual subscription, on Windows. I just upgraded from 6 to 7 on a trial basis (though I don't really see a huge benefit) and I am going to sign up for a family account so I can get my wife and father on board.

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