Chrome - Pin unlock until idle - Feature Request

There was a feature request during the Beta:

That would be nice, but instead of a replacement for unlock in general, I think it would be nice to provide a PIN (4 digit) for unlock, until the idle times out. This would be safer when we leave our laptop to run to the "facilities", and the 10-15 minute idle time has not hit. Optional of course.

This would also allow me to feel safer to push my idle time out to 30 minutes for my laptop when I am in my office, and such.

For example, I set my idle time to 30 minutes, but anytime 1P is accessed during that 30 minute period, I have to punch in a quick 4 digit pin. Then I am "relatively" safe during the active period if I have to walk away for a short moment. Of course, it gets locked up as usual if I have to leave for 30 minutes or more.

Right now, I got it set to 10 minutes, and have to re-type in a long cryptic multi-character unlock, including caps, characters and numbers, etc. after I have been idle for 10 minutes (i.e. a brief discussion with an employee, or walk to grab a cup o joe)

Thanks for considering!

(...and if there is a feature like this, where is it? lol)

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.15.6
OS Version: Win 10 preview latest
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ceceliacecelia

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    edited August 2019

    Hey @mattnlynn! That's a really awesome idea. I know it can be frustrating to have to sign out and back into everything every time you need to walk away for a moment.

    It's not ready for use on Windows just yet, but I'm happy to let you know that an awesome new feature that behaves similarly to what you described is being tested internally as well as in the 1Password X beta for Chrome (on macOS) as of a few months ago — It’s called Desktop App Integration. Desktop App Integration allows 1Password X to connect with the 1Password desktop app, leveraging it for its locking and unlocking capabilities, item editing features and more. This means with Desktop App Integration you'll be able to use Windows Hello (fingerprint, pin, etc.) to unlock both your 1Password for Windows desktop app and 1Password X at the same time.

    We've wanted this feature for quite a while, but we weren't willing to add it until we could do so in a well designed and secure way. Desktop App Integration has gone really well so far for macOS, so Windows shouldn't be far behind.

    If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, the following 1Password Forum post by my buddy Mitch explains how it works - 1Password Discussion Forum : Desktop App Integration

  • Hi @Cecelia, Thanks for replying. I am running both the 1PasswordX in Chrome, and the desktop app on PC. Is using the Windows Hello pin already available for the PC app? Also, that thread was March, and its almost September...any latest reveals about progress?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Currently Desktop App Integration is in Beta on macOS only, so thank you for your patience while we continue to work on this feature :)

  • ceceliacecelia

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    Hey again @mattnlynn! To answer your other question,

    Is using the Windows Hello pin already available for the PC app?

    You totally can use Windows Hello to unlock the 1Password desktop app now! This 1Password support article will show you how :)

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