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This discussion was created from comments split from: Problems with 1Password Safari Extension.


  • Running Mac OS 10.14.6 with a dual monitor setup. Whenever I click the 1PW extension icon in Safari to fill in username/password, instead of opening the extension right below the icon, as in all previous versions of 1PW extension, it now opens in my second monitor instead. Have tried restarting Mac OS & restarting Safari both multiple times and no matter what the extension pop-up ends up on the 2nd monitor.
    1) 1Password full window is open on the 2nd monitor & stays open there as long as I am logged on or not in screen saver/sleep.
    2) When I move the Safari window to the 2nd monitor, the extension opens directly under the toolbar icon as expected.
    3) Likewise if I move the open 1Password full window to the 1st monitor (Safari in 1st monitor too) it opens as expected.
    4) The same thing happens whether I'm running Safari, Firefox or Chrome.
    5) Have been running 1Password for years in this same type of configuration and the extension has ALWAYS opened directly under the toolbar icon no matter where the 1Password full window is open or the Safari window is open.

    Is there some configuration item or setting I'm missing?

  • Hi @SecuritySam,

    I can't think of a setting you're missing and unfortunately I'm not in the position to test at the moment. Normally I do have a second monitor but for the next while I'm limited to just the MacBook screen. Your description seems thorough so I imagine testing should be simple once possible. I have just a couple of questions if that's okay.

    1. What version of 1Password are you running?
    2. Do you observe the correct behaviour if 1Password does not have an open window?
  • 1) Version is 7.3.3 (beta), but it's been that way on every version since I upgraded to 7.x
    2) Same behavior except that it asks me for the password on the 2nd monitor, then opens 1 password mini on the 2nd monitor.

  • Hi @SecuritySam,

    So just to clarify your answer to 2, what happens if 1Password does not have an open window, you click on the 1Password button in Safari and it opens up the 1Password mini unlock window on monitor 2, I assume connecting it to the 1Password icon in the macOS menu bar and once you unlock 1Password it shifts to monitor 1 where Safari is?

    As a follow-up question, what happens if 1Password is unlocked with no open window? Does 1Password mini appear on the right monitor or is it still doing something funky?

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