1Password stuck in read-only mode

I'm running 1Password 7.4.758 on Windows 10, last week the program stopped updating and gives me a "read-only mode" error. I cannot clear the read only flag on the 1Password folder. I have a family account with a current license. Any idea what's going on?

1Password Version: 7.4.758
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10x64 1909
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Could you provide some additional detail about this error, @pjcolonna? Is it showing in 1Password itself, like a red banner at the bottom? Or is it a separate dialogue box that pop up? There are two errors that mention read-only, but each has a different solution, so knowing which you're seeing would be a great help. :chuffed:

  • It seems to mainly come up when 1Password updates, it’s a separate window related to the update. I’ll try and screen cap it next time it comes up.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Ah, that's actually quite enough, @pjcolonna. It's not read-only, it's just having trouble updating, most likely. I just got done with a little guide that covers all of the things that can cause this, so you can be my first customer to give it a go. This is a bit of a laundry list because there are a number of causes, but you'll see a step to try the update again after each and as soon as it updates, you're all done. :chuffed:

    And, of course, if you need a hand at any point I'll be here.

  • I’ll give the malwarebytes part a try. The local appdata folder IS set to read only, but per the og post, I can’t clear it.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Thank you @pjcolonna! Let us know how it goes :+1:

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