Is accidentally typing ones MP into a pw field, "bad" enough to have to change it?


Using a trusted machine I thought I was typing the MP into "Enter Your Master Password" of 1PX but w/o looking I had actually typed it into the box of a pw field for an email login...looking up I then saw revealed each character of my MP :(. Is this faux pas enough to have to change the MP :(?

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    Some companies (including big ones like Facebook and Google) have accidentally been storing passwords in plain text in the past...

    I would definitely change the MP!

  • jmjmjmjm
    edited July 1

    I was so hoping not to have to do this as the MP I had was good in all respects.

    (And I do find it a bit stressful changing the MP....being sure 'they' match. As I recall I first type it in Word and then do a copy and paste into 1P)

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @jmjm - I can't make that kind of risk assessment for you, but I can perhaps offer a little more insight. Most web forms don't receive what you type until you submit it by pressing Enter or Return, or clicking the Login or Submit button. It is certainly possible for websites to capture keystrokes as they're entered, but the standard Form element doesn't do this "out of the box." If you clicked Login or pressed Enter, then you definitely submitted the data in the form, and that would change my own calculus. But if you just typed? Depends on the website and other considerations (how much of it did you type, etc).

  • jmjmjmjm

    Thanks for the replies @XIII and @Lars. I dont recall if I pressed "Return" so being the risk averse individual I am I have (successfully) changed the MP associated with this individual account.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Sounds good @jmjm. :)


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