How do I create new agilekeychain from my iCloud data?

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I have been experimenting with iCloud and Dropbox syncing. iCloud works, but Dropbox hasn't so far but I have had the keychain in a custom location so far, not in the correct ~/user/Dropbox/1Password Folder location.

While using iCloud I have done a lot of maintenance by deleting old items. I would like my agilekeychain to be consistent, and fear that if I switch to Dropbox syncing now, and it works, that all the deleted stuff will be merged back in.

So can I just delete my old agilekeychain and create a new one from the data currently in iCloud?, and how do I do it.

Do I export my iCloud data as a 1pif file and import it into a new vault?



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    1Password 4 is using its own SQLite database under the hood where it stores the data. It then syncs with either iCloud or Dropbox.

    If you already set up the sync with iCloud on your Mac then please try to remove (or rename) the existing .agilekeychain file in your Dropbox folder, wait for the Dropbox to finish syncing and then use 1Password > Preferences > Sync to start syncing with the Dropbox again.

    This will create a brand new .agilekeychain in the Dropbox folder with all your current changes.

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    Thanks very much, roustem. That seems to have worked just as you said.
    The only mystery (to me) is that the old agilekeychain was 53Mb, and the new one is only 1.3Mb. I only deleted about 20% of entries and no attachments.
    Is there a simple explanation?
    The iCloud files are similar size to the new agilekeychain in Dropbox so not too worried.

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    Hi, @mikebore.

    Good to hear @roustem's solution worked for you. In another post he wrote:

    1Password 3 used to store website icons and previews with the data. Version 4 stores the icons in the cache folder, outside the .agilekeychain to make syncing faster and avoid going over the 5GB iCloud storage limit.


    This might explain the difference in size.


    However, if you use attachments then please check the the items with attachments. We current have an issue related to attachment import and syncing in the Mac App Store version of the app.

    The fix for that attachment problem is mentioned in:

    And a MAS version update which includes the fix was submitted to Apple a few days ago. We're just waiting for them to release it, which should be any day now.

    Currently a bit tricky, if anyone has reason to do it switching from the MAS to website version is documented here:

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