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I would like to suggest that the ability be added to select and insert an image (not just a URL) in post on this forum. It would make asking and responding to questions simpler at times by being able to see screen images. Maybe there already is a way do to this that I am not aware of, but other forums often have a small camera icon in the icon bar. You click on the camera icon and a pane opens that allows you to navigate with Finder, then select a JPEG image (for example) and insert it into the post. Thx


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    If you store your image on in a cloud service such as Dropbox or Evernote, and then copy the URL to the clipboard, you can click on the image of a picture on the top line of the post area. Then paste the URL into the popup and save that. The forum will display the image in your post that way, even though it doesn't actually do the noting.

    AgileBits has recommended using Skitch (an Evernote application) for this purpose. It works well for me.

    I expect that isn't exactly what you are asking for. It would be more convenient to have the forum host the image directly, but this way of doing things is fairly common in many of the forums I've used.

    The arrow showing the icon to click to bring up the URL dialog in this screenshot was created in Skitch and then posted.

    Edit: I thought there was a more extensive set of instructions for posting images here, but I haven't been able to find it. Perhaps on of the AgileBits folks will have a link at their fingertips.

  • Thanks hawkmoth. Appreciate the advice on a Dropbox solution ...

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    Perhaps on of the AgileBits folks will have a link at their fingertips.

    There's this. :)

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