Inconsistincies between Mobile and Windows versions

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I initially started using 1Password on my iPhone as a replacement for Password Keeper on my BB. I started also using it on iPad and Windows. But there seem to be some significant inconsistencies between Win and iOS versions, such as:

Wireless Routers on iOS show up as Accounts on Win

Passports on iOS show up as Wallet items on Win

Credit Cards on iOS show up as Wallet items on Win

There is no Wallet on iOS.

Social Security shows up as Wallet items on Win

Is there any way to change the Win version to be more like the iOS version? I have tried adding New Folders but that doesn't quite work.

It would also be nice if the icons were consistent between different OSes.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    1Password 4 for Windows will include many changes to make it feel more like its brethren on the Mac and iOS devices (which also differ from each other in ways, to be sure).

    We will continue working to get 1Password on all supported platforms more similar in as many ways as possible, so that using it on multiple platforms causes less of a jolt to our users. As you can imagine, that'll be a lengthy process...and will never truly end, as new features will always be introduced on one platform or another, leaving the others to catch up.

    Thanks for understanding @wayner!

  • OK, thanks DBrown. I look forward to the Windows update. Other than these issues I find this to be a great product! And as someone who live in T.O. it is great to support a local product!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Be sure to sign up for the beta program, if you're interested:

  • Why do you introduce new features only on specific platforms? Why not implement them across all platforms. Easier to keep it consistent that way. :)

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I imagine it's mostly because the platforms themselves change at different times—new versions of iOS and Mac OS aren't released simultaneously (thank goodness), and there's no coordination with new versions of Windows, of course.

    Don't forget that we offer 1Password alone on Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and we're a relatively small group of hard-working lads and lasses, as it is. :)

    Thanks for understanding!

  • ah ok. I didn't realise that (and still don't really understand why) 1p features are so tightly tied to OS features.

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    Just as an example, 1Password's ability to communicate with the browsers differs among the various OSes, each of which imposes its own limitations. Each new version of an OS, not to mention the various sync mechanisms, brings the possibility of new incompatibilities, as well as the opportunity for new features. It's not as simple as it must seem. :)

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