Accidentally purchased to wrong email account

I had purchased a license for 1password to the email account [email protected] Unfortunately I realized later the email I meant to use was [email protected] So now I just purchased some random stranger my copy of 1password. I also never wrote down the activation number when I purchased it before so now I think I'm royally boned.

How can I resolve this?


  • Bump. Anyone out there? Does AgileBits have a support number or something?

  • America isn't awake yet. Give them a little time look at your problem.

  • Is America awake yet? I mean I should know, I live in it.

  • Then you're somewhat an early bird. :)
    You might also consider giving them some time to catch up on the backlog after Christmas.

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    Let's see...any forum posts yet, this morning?

    Oh, here's one!

    In 1Password for Windows, the Help > Customer Center command is usually the way to change your e-mail address and other registration details, but you'd need access to the "old" (incorrect) address to get a Customer Center account, from which you could initiate the change.

    I'll update the address in our records for you and ask that you sign up for a Customer Center account, so you can manage your info if the need arises again. Please watch for an e-mail message sent to the "new" (correct) address in the next few minutes.

    Thank you for choosing 1Password!

  • Thank you for the fix and the response. Sorry for my impatience. I signed up for this license because my wife and my bank accounts have seen invasion twice in the last month (once just on Sunday) and I really needed to use this product.

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    No problem, Beau! We're always glad to help.

    Thanks again.

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