Suddenly locked out/masterpassword no longer working

Tried to log in today but couldn't. Now I feel pretty helpless.. Tried rebooting my phone and all that but doesn't seem to help. Cannot log in.. Is there anything I can do to save my passwords?


  • Does your master password contain non-alphanumeric characters?

  • Nope only letters and numbers

  • problem suddenly and magically solved!

  • periperi

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    edited February 2015

    Hi @ErikLjungberg. I'm glad to hear you were able to successfully log in with your master password!

    Many times, we've found that this can be attributed to common errors. Just in case it happens again, or for anyone experiencing the same problem who happens upon this thread, I suggest the following tips:

    • If you have accents such as è, î, and so on, try replacing it with the regular character such as e for è and to see if that works.
    • Try leaving the caps lock on and/or off.
    • If you entered a password hint for this data file, 1Password will show it automatically in a prompt after every three incorrect attempts. Is the hint what you are expecting? If not, there is a chance you are looking at a different/older data file.

    Let us know if you need help with anything else. :)

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