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This may not be the appropriate place to report bugs, but I can't find an obvious contact email, so here goes…

I'm integrating the 1Password extension in an app I'm building and have found a few bugs.

iOS 8.1.3
iPhone 6
1Password 5.2

I'm closely following the instructions to save a new login in my app. I observed all these bugs after the 1Password extension successfully launched and displayed the new login information.

Bug 1

When the extension is first launched the title of the new login is hidden behind the navigation bar.
To see the login I title I need to pull down the view past its resting point.

Bug 2

After first launching the extension, if I scroll down and tap Saved form details, exit from the form detail view, then tap Done, the extension exits the edit mode, but does not dismiss.

After that I can't get it to dismiss without force quitting the app.

Bug 3

I'm creating login details very similar to those shown in the instructions:
NSDictionary *newLoginDetails = @{
AppExtensionTitleKey: @PatientReach,
AppExtensionUsernameKey: apiUser.userName,
AppExtensionPasswordKey: self.passwordTextField.text ? : @"",
AppExtensionNotesKey: @Saved with the PatientReach app,
AppExtensionSectionTitleKey: @Registered User,
AppExtensionFieldsKey: @{
@firstname : apiUser.firstName,
@lastname : apiUser.lastName

You can see I'm adding a section titled Registered User with first and last names as fields. However, when the extension launches, it shows the fields with a blank section title.

I've confirmed that if I save the login information, the title is still blank.

Hope this helps you find and zap some bugs. I'd be nice to get notified if/when they're fixed, but I can understand if that can't happen.


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    Heya, TylerG! You've come to the right place...although I'm sorry about the circumstances! :dizzy:

    1. I was able to easily reproduce this on my own, identical setup, by going to a website I have a login for -- but only after tapping the ( i ) icon to the right to view the login details. The 'LOG IN USING' list we're greeted with upon launching the 1Password extension rests properly, without obstructing the list of saved logins; and I am able to tap the name of the login item to, well...login. I wonder if the issue does not present itself using other device/OS configurations.
    2. I was not able to reproduce this by following your steps. It looks like after tapping Done you only have the Edit option in the upper right corner, yet I also have the < 1Password option in the upper left corner, which allows me to return to the logins list -- even when I only have a single login item saved for the current site.
    3. I tried creating a few items in this fashion and did not experience the same 'phantom section' behaviour you are.

    Additionally, while investigating #3 I found that it was not possible to drag a field down to the bottom of a section; only by moving the bottom field upward was I able to get another to the bottom.

    And finally, I found that if my iPhone locks while the extension is open with the TouchID overlay, unlocking the phone opens to the 1Password extension with no TouchID prompt -- only the Cancel button in the upper left corner is present, which allows me to back out and try again. This may be just an idiosyncrasy of the way TouchID interacts with all extensions, but I don't have another extension that requires a TouchID unlock with which to test this hypothesis.

    So, if you would be so kind, send an email to support+ios at agilebits dot com with a link to this thread to help cross-reference and get this 'in the system' to be more thoroughly investigated and resolved. Great detailed feedback! :)

  • Done and done.

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    Awesome! Thanks for that. Those were some good catches, and you even helped me find some more 'easter eggs'. 8-)

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @TylerG,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to send us detailed information about the issues you found! :)

    I wanted to check to make sure we received your diagnostics report email, but I couldn't find it when I searched for the email address associated with your forum account (you may have used a different email address to send it). After sending that email, did you receive a reply from the BitBot assistant? If so, please let us know the ticket ID from that response so we can track your message down and ensure it gets answered quickly. Thanks!

  • RadRad 1Password Alumni

    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reprot this issues to us @TylerG :+1:

    This may not be the appropriate place to report bugs, but I can't find an obvious contact email.

    Any place is good place to file bugs. However, it is preferable that you file the App Extension API bugs in Github so that they're visible to all developers too.

    Bug 1

    We crushed it in the 5.3 betas. YAY! (OPI-2248)

    Bug 2

    @brenty, I had trouble reproducing this one too. Here are the detailed steps to reproduce:

    1. Sign up in ACME by creating a new Login.
    2. Scroll to “Saved form details” and tap it.
    3. Go back to the detail view.
    4. Hit done and bam!

    The good news is that this issue will be gone in the upcoming version of 1Password because we overhauled the Login creation view in the extension too, similarly to the new Login creator in the current 5.2 version.:smiley:

    Bug 3

    Nice catch @TylerG! I just filed an issue in our bug tracker and we’ll fix it soon. (OPI-2374)

    Hope that this helps :wink:

    Have an amazing weekend!

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