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IS 1Password supposed to fill in the password when following the trick at https://support.1password.com/ssh-logins/ ? It only opens the session but I stil have to manually copy/paste the password into the terminal..

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    Hi @m4gr01ino,

    Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately 1Password isn't expected to fill the password in that case. It would certainly be nice if it did, I'll make sure to add a vote for you on the Feature Request.



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    Hi Rick, can you add a vote for me on this feature request too please?

    I also wanted to say that it would be great if 1Password could alternately fill in the current TOTP value associated with an SSH login, for those who use SSH public key authentication but are also required to use two-factor authentication for SSH.


  • Hi @brandtkurowski,

    I've added your vote for you :smile:

    I've made a note of your 2FA comment too. Are we talking about RFC 6238? so 1Password compatible. I only ask as I hadn't realised anybody was using that in conjunction with SSH.

    ref: OPM-990

  • steveberlsteveberl Junior Member

    +1 for giving 1Password the ability to 1) automate ssh logins, and 2) automate multistep ssh logins like when you have to log into a front end machine, and then another ssh login to the actual host you want to talk to.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for letting us know, @steveberl! We appreciate the feedback.

    ref: OPM-990

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