icloud.com login/pwd filling does not work


I tried today to automatically fill in my icloud credentials onhttps://www.icloud.com with 1Password on windows (Chrome or Firefox), and it doesn't work:

  • The CTRL-\ shortcut does not fill my stored credentials, nor shows the 1password contextual menu
  • clicking on the 1password icon in the menu bar shows the 1password contextual menu, with the icloud.com entry, but when I choose the entry, nothing is filled (see video below)
  • when I right-click on the form, and choose 1password, same thing as above (see video, sorry for the crappy quality)

I think something is broken here... does anybody have the same issue ? I could not test it on my Mac, but on iOS, I have the same similar problem:

  • go to https://www.icloud.com
  • long-click on the reload icon on the top right, and choose "request desktop site"
  • go to the 1password extension, and choose the icloud.com credentials
  • ==> the credentials are not filled in the login form....

thanks for your help

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: windows 7 Professional
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • [Update] icloud.com password fill works on Mac OS with both safari and chrome, with the same entry as the one on Windows or iOS (same DB, synced via Dropbox). On the mac, 1password suggest actually 2 entries: one for icloud.com, one for idmsa.apple.com ...

  • Hi @garz,

    We're looking at two separate issues here. In 1Password for iOS it's a known issue whereby we can't currently interact with IFrames which they use. It's a pain and I hope we can do something about this but for the moment you are limited to copy and paste on your iOS devices.

    We should definitely be able to get filling working in 1Password for Windows though as I've just performed a bunch of tests with the latest stable version of 1Password 4 for Windows and it fills. I did note one piece of behaviour where it differs between Mac and Windows though which might explain the issues you're seeing.

    It's something we do very sparingly (very) but for certain popular sites we will perform certain matches even if the domains don't match. One is Apple as they use a variety of domains which you are legitimately allowed to use your Apple ID on and they're all owned by Apple. iCloud is a great example of this where you visit https://www.icloud.com which when you look at it looks nothing like https://appleid.apple.com/ or https://idmsa.apple.com. On the Mac we treat this as being equal and a Login item meant for an Apple ID should work equally as well on all of them. On the Windows platform we're either being more strict or there's a check being done differently - I don't know the precise reason but it will only properly behave if the URLs are explicitly stated.

    Thankfully you can add multiple URLs to a Login item, that's not a problem. So I would be curious to know if you see better behaviour if you have the following URLs in your Apple ID Login item.

    You may need to ensure an option is enabled in 1Password for Windows. The option is titled Enable multiple URLs and it can be found in the Logins tab of 1Password for Windows preferences.

    Does that help with filling on the Windows side?

  • Thank you @littlebobbytables :+1: I added the URLs to the entry, and it just worked [*] ! I hope you are going to fix this in the next version of the windows version (long overdue if you ask me, 1password 4 for Windows looks clunky and passé compared to the great mac os/ios UI...).

    re the ios problem: it is not really bothering me, I was just looking for a different environment to test the issue. Who would want to log to the web version of icloud on an ios device anyway ;-)

    Thanks again !

    [*] Note that it would have been much easier if I had had a way to merge the two entries I currently have for my apple login... I see that someone asked for this feature, and it would be great to have this possibility: I use my company credentials for many different intranet sites, and I has to merge manually all the entries that were created for each site. it makes the password changes much smoother... I only have to update my "company windows logon" entry instead of changing 10 entries now.

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the update, @garz. I'm glad things are working for you now. Thanks also for the feedback about the Windows app. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the direction things are heading.

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