Migrating from DropBox to Online 1Password Account with Multiple Vaults

I've been using 1Password for several years and love it. Early last year I created a family vault so my wife and I could share information. I decided to use DropBox as this is what I had already been using. Now she has filled up her DropBox (and doesn't have a lot of inspiration to deal with it), so I'm considering converting to the new "online account." Incidentally, when I update an entry in 1Password from my account on my Mac, it gets to my wife's 1Password (on a different Mac) in a few seconds, even though her Dropbox is full. But if I edit something on her Mac, that update is not reflected in my 1Password. Is this due to her Dropbox fullness? More importantly though, regarding the conversion from Dropbox to online account... you have a nice video of how to convert this on a Mac (but not an iOS devices) for a single (non family) vault at https://support.1password.com/migrate-1password-account/. But I'm wondering if you have some information/video for people with multiple vaults and/or a family vault? I have 3 vaults, one of which is a "family" type. I access my information from 4 devices (MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iPad, iPhone); my wife uses 1password to access the "family" vault on her MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and the same Mac Mini (under her login). In addition to more information when converting on the Mac, I would like some information about converting the iOS devices; I couldn't find any for this.

1Password Version: 6.5.3
Extension Version: 4.6.2
OS Version: 10.12.2
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi @SlopeGuy! Thanks for posting about this. Dropbox being full is certainly an interesting situation for sync. I personally have 1TB of Dropbox storage so it's a bit tough for me to test that. ;) However, I assume her account is being limited so when she makes changes it doesn't sync them since there's no space left to remove and add files.

    1Password Families may be a great option for you. Migrating additional vaults is pretty straightforward:

    1. Create vaults to match the ones you have right now.
    2. Sign in to your account in 1Password for Mac.
    3. Move items from the old vaults to the new ones.

    You'll need to sign up for a family account first, of course. You can invite your family to it so they can access it as well. When signed in to 1Password.com in your browser, click your family name in the top right and choose Admin Console, then click Family Members and click + to enter their email addresses. Start sharing with them again either using the Shared vault included with the family account or a custom one.

    The cool thing about a family account is everyone can access their passwords and items simply by installing the 1Password app and signing in to their account. :) Hope this helps for now! Let us know if you have some questions along the way.

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