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I have a 1Password for Families account. It came due for annual renewal today. Fortunately, I have a reminder set so I didn't forget, and didn't experience any disruption. But I notice that I did not receive any email or in-app notification of the pending expiration. Is that because I have it set to auto-renew?

Either way, most subscription services send out such an alert a few days in advance, before the customer's credit card is charged. If that's not part of the 1Password service, please add it. Without it there's a possibility some of your customers might lose access to their data. Not a problem for me, but something you should consider.

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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Sounds a good idea (I'm not on AgileBits staff, so am just adding my view). Otherwise it is always possible that a charge the user had forgotten about would cause them trouble.

    But I wanted to reassure people that they would not lose access to their data. They would lose easy access (Cmd-\ would no longer work), but their data can always be exported or used in other ways.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @MDBrown: I agree that would be helpful. Personally, I had just assumed that I'd missed the email myself. danco is right that you won't get locked out of your data, but having a reminder could help avoid disruption of any kind. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

    ref: B5-2644

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